What is a Hellhound in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Hellhound in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Hellhound in Pathfinder 2e? A hell hound’s appearance dismisses any doubts as to its infernal origins—flesh the color of burning pitch, teeth as sharp as any fiend’s pitchfork, and a shroud of ever-burning hell are are all trademark features. Hell hounds are fiendish, extraplanar canines hailing from the pit that can hunt down quarry and breathe supernatural gouts of flame. They are temperamental and quick to aggressive behavior. On the Material Plane, these fiends are sometimes found in the service of fire-loving monsters such as fire giants or efreet, as well as mortals who seek to tame some of the raw power of Hell. In Cheliax, Hellknights occasionally call upon hell hounds to track down fugitives and traitors.

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The Scorched Prophecy

An old prophecy speaks of a time when Hell Hounds will rise, heralding a great calamity. As the first signs of the prophecy come true, the adventurers must delve into ancient ruins, decipher the prophecy, and find a way to prevent the impending disaster.

The Ember Isles

A chain of islands has suddenly become a hotspot for Hell Hound sightings. The islands’ inhabitants speak of ancient rituals and a dormant volcano that might be the source. The adventurers must journey to the isles, quell the Hell Hound threat, and prevent a potential volcanic eruption.

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Blazeheart’s Legacy

Legend speaks of Blazeheart, a Hell Hound of unparalleled power that once terrorized the land. Rumors now spread that its offspring roam the wilderness, guarding a hidden treasure. The adventurers must track down these creatures, uncover the treasure, and ensure it doesn’t fall into malevolent hands.

The Crimson Pact

In the city of Bloodstone, a secret society has made a dark pact, summoning Hell Hounds to do their bidding. As the society’s influence grows, the adventurers are hired to uncover their members, break the pact, and banish the Hell Hounds back to the infernal realms.

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Adventure Ideas

Fires of Vengeance

The once-heroic knight, Sir Alaric, returns from a quest changed and vengeful. With a Hell Hound by his side, he seeks to exact revenge on those he believes betrayed him. The adventurers are drawn into this tale of betrayal and must navigate a web of intrigue to prevent further bloodshed.

The Emberclaw Cult

A cult worshiping the infernal has risen, led by a charismatic leader who claims to control Hell Hounds. As the cult’s influence grows, so does the threat they pose. The adventurers must infiltrate the cult, understand their true goals, and put a stop to their fiery rituals.

The Molten Maze

Deep within a volcanic cavern lies a labyrinth, said to be the resting place of a powerful relic. However, Hell Hounds, drawn to the relic’s heat, now guard its winding paths. The adventurers must navigate the maze, retrieve the relic, and escape the hounds’ fiery wrath.

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