What is a Kobold dragon mage in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Kobold dragon mage in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Kobold dragon mage in Pathfinder 2e? Kobold dragon mages use magic to carry out their secret schemes. The presence of a dragon mage in a kobold warren is one of the greatest testaments to the kobolds’ claim to draconic heritage. Kobolds are small, reptilian humanoids who carry physical similarities to true dragons. They lurk in dark spaces, usually tunnels and mines beneath the earth, in either warrens of their own design or complexes discovered and colonized after the original builders have moved on. Though kobolds are far more pragmatic than they are courageous, they use every inch of their cunning to even the playing field between themselves and other, stronger creatures. They attack from the darkness and at range, and kobold artificers and engineers master the art of simple but effective traps, which they use to protect their lairs. Kobolds are skilled at working together by necessity, and they often set up ambushes or hit-and-run assaults that allow them to do the most damage possible without being harmed in return.

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Kobolds are diligent and hardworking creatures, though they often turn these virtues toward selfish ends. While some kobolds live in communal collectives that maintain neutral relations with the creatures around them, they can be easily swayed into serving malevolent powers or megalomaniac leaders. This is in part due to kobolds’ innate pragmatism, as they would rather concede to servitude than risk being killed, but it is also in part due to a reverence for the power that kobolds generally lack. Dragons in particular are viewed with a deferential awe, and kobolds eagerly offer their services to such mighty and glorious creatures when they can. While kobolds may scheme against other leaders, especially those that control them via subjugation, dragons are usually viewed with adoration, no matter how brutal they might be to their kobold minions.

The Academy’s Secret

The renowned Arcane Academy has always been a place of learning and magic. However, when the adventurers are hired to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances, they discover a hidden chamber where a kobold dragon mage, Syltharion, is conducting forbidden experiments. The adventurers must navigate the politics of the academy, uncover Syltharion’s plans, and put an end to his dangerous research.

The Crystal Conundrum

A series of thefts across the kingdom have one thing in common: all stolen items are made of a rare crystal known to amplify magical abilities. The trail leads to a kobold dragon mage named Krilthix, who is gathering these crystals to power a spell that could plunge the world into eternal darkness. The adventurers must track down Krilthix and stop his ritual before it’s too late.

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The Labyrinth of Shadows

The legendary Labyrinth of Shadows is said to hold the secrets of the first kobold dragon mages. When the entrance is accidentally uncovered, adventurers are drawn to its depths, seeking its treasures. However, the labyrinth is alive with ancient magic, and the adventurers must face illusions, traps, and the vengeful spirits of past dragon mages.

The Festival of Flames

Every decade, the kobolds celebrate the Festival of Flames, where they pay homage to their dragon ancestors. This year, a dragon mage named Drakzor plans to use the festival as a cover to summon a real dragon to the realm. The adventurers, having caught wind of this plot, must navigate the festivities, decipher ancient rituals, and prevent the summoning before it’s too late.

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Adventure Ideas

The Dragon’s Tear

A gemstone of unparalleled beauty, the Dragon’s Tear, is said to contain the essence of a dragon’s soul. When it’s stolen from the royal treasury, the adventurers are hired to retrieve it. Their investigation leads them to a kobold dragon mage named Lyrix, who seeks to use the gem to ascend to true dragon form.

The Enchanted Caverns

The adventurers stumble upon a hidden entrance to a series of underground caverns. Inside, they find walls adorned with shimmering crystals and ancient kobold inscriptions. As they venture deeper, they encounter a group of kobolds who are fiercely protective of their territory. The adventurers must navigate through a series of traps and challenges set by the kobolds to prove their worth.

The Dragon Mage’s Lair

Deep within the heart of a mountain, the kobold dragon mage, Zirikthar, has established a lair. The adventurers are hired by a nearby village to investigate the sudden appearance of kobolds in the region. Inside the lair, they discover Zirikthar’s plans to harness the power of a captured elemental to wreak havoc on the surrounding lands. The adventurers must confront Zirikthar and put an end to his nefarious plans.

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