What is a Kolyarut in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Kolyarut in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Kolyarut in Pathfinder 2e? Kolyarut inevitables are enforcers of bargains and punishers of those who fail to uphold them. Their humanoid shape, ability to disguise themselves among a humanoid population, and diplomatic leanings make them the most approachable inevitables, and thus more likely to ally themselves with others. They are among the most talkative of all inevitables, naturally possessing a courtly grace and an encyclopedic knowledge of social customs, which they use to assist their efforts in gathering information on their targets or issuing challenges in a legal manner.

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Veil of the Oathkeeper

In the mystical Veiled Forest, a group of druids summons the adventurers for an urgent task. A Kolyarut named Verdant Oathkeeper has awakened, enforcing a sacred pact made with the forest spirits to protect the land from defilement. Recent encroachments by a nearby settlement have violated this pact. Verdant Oathkeeper’s actions, though well-intentioned, threaten to escalate into a war between nature and civilization. The adventurers must traverse the mystical forest, uncover the forgotten terms of the pact, and find a way to harmoniously resolve the conflict between the forest’s guardians and the encroaching settlement, balancing the scales of nature and progress.

The Final Accord

In the once-thriving city of Solara, now a ghost town, a Kolyarut named Last Accord is rumored to guard a powerful artifact, the Accord Amulet. Legends say the amulet holds the power to enforce or break any pact. Adventurers, treasure hunters, and power-seekers converge on Solara, aiming to claim the amulet. The adventurers, drawn by the lure of the artifact, must navigate the dangers of the abandoned city, confront Last Accord, and unravel the mystery of the amulet’s true power. Their journey tests their resolve, as they face choices that could alter the very fabric of oath and promise.

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The Echoes of Broken Chains

The mining town of Ironridge is in turmoil as a Kolyarut named Chainbreaker emerges, targeting the town’s leaders. Chainbreaker enforces an old pact made by the town’s founders to ensure fair labor and treatment of workers. Recent exploitative practices have breached this pact, leading to Chainbreaker’s intervention. The adventurers are hired by the town’s workers’ union, seeking to use this opportunity to improve their conditions. The party must investigate the origins of the pact, confront moral complexities, and decide whether to side with Chainbreaker, the town’s leadership, or find a middle ground to bring justice and peace to Ironridge.

The Iron Edict

The kingdom of Eredor faces an unprecedented crisis as a Kolyarut, Iron Edict, emerges from the ancient ruins beneath the royal castle. Iron Edict seeks to enforce a long-forgotten edict made by a past king, promising eternal protection of the realm in exchange for just rule. The current monarchy, accused of tyranny, faces Iron Edict’s unyielding judgment. The adventurers, caught in this royal conflict, are tasked with unraveling the true history of the edict, exploring ancient ruins, and negotiating with Iron Edict. Their actions will not only decide the fate of the monarchy but also shape the kingdom’s future.

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Adventure Ideas

The Pact of the Fallen Star

A celestial event predicted centuries ago finally occurs, causing a dormant Kolyarut named Starjudge to awaken in the mystical city of Celestia. The Kolyarut seeks to enforce an ancient pact made under a fallen star, promising prosperity in exchange for moral integrity. With recent corrupt practices by the city’s leaders, Starjudge begins a merciless crusade to cleanse the city. The adventurers are sought by the city council, who fear their impending doom. The party must navigate celestial prophecies, uncover the roots of the city’s corruption, and find a way to either satisfy Starjudge’s demands or deactivate it for good.

The Last Keeper of Promises

In the forgotten ruins of an ancient civilization, an excavation team uncovers a Kolyarut, known as the Last Keeper. It awakens with a singular purpose: to fulfill the last remaining promise of its creators – to protect their most sacred relic from falling into the wrong hands. The relic, however, has already been taken by the excavation team. The adventurers, hired for their expertise in ancient lore and combat, must decide whether to assist the Kolyarut in its quest or aid the team in utilizing the relic’s power. Their choice leads them into a moral and mystical journey of historic significance.

The Balance of Iron and Blood

The Ironblood Pact, a forgotten agreement made during the founding of the mercenary city of Gornak, is suddenly brought to light by a Kolyarut named Bloodscale. The pact, ensuring fairness in mercenary dealings, has been violated by the city’s current leaders. Bloodscale begins enforcing the pact, targeting the corrupt with unyielding brutality. The adventurers, present in the city for other business, find themselves embroiled in this conflict. They must navigate the treacherous politics of Gornak, uncover the original terms of the Ironblood Pact, and either aid Bloodscale in its mission or find a way to broker peace and reform.

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