What is a Leaf leshy in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Leaf leshy in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Leaf leshy in Pathfinder 2e? Leaf leshys are diminutive protectors of forests clad in pine cone armor and hats of fruit, flowers, or leaves. They enjoy mock battles but act cautiously in real ones. Leshys are intelligent plant creatures that guard areas of primeval wilderness or earthly power. Originally created by powerful fey, they manifest when a skilled practitioner of primal magic typically a druidcombines a nature spirit with a body carefully grown from local vegetation. The rites and materials required to create a leshy vary depending on the type of leshy. They are typically given life in an area of great natural significance, such as an arboreal’s grove, a druidic circle, a fairy ring, or a great natural wonder.

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The Verdant Veil

A mystical barrier has enveloped a section of the forest, with shimmering green energy. Anything that enters doesn’t return. The Leaf Leshys are frantic, as this barrier engulfs their sacred spaces. The adventurers must find a way to penetrate the veil and discover what lies beyond.

The Sylvan Crown

An ancient relic, known as the Sylvan Crown, has been stolen from a druidic enclave. This crown is said to have the power to command Leaf Leshys. The adventurers are hired to retrieve the crown before it’s used to wage a forest war.

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Shadows of the Leaf

Children from a bordering village have started disappearing during their playtimes in the woods. Tracks lead to intricate circles of leaves and petals, but no further. The village elders believe the Leaf Leshys are behind this and call upon the adventurers to negotiate the children’s return.

The Forest’s Heartbeat

A rhythmic thumping, like a heartbeat, resonates from the forest’s depths. Animals are fleeing, and the local flora is wilting. The Leaf Leshys, usually silent guardians, are now openly seeking help. The adventurers must delve into the forest’s core to uncover the source of this disturbance.

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Adventure Ideas

The Verdant Prison

A renowned botanist has gone missing in the woods, last seen researching the Leaf Leshys. When the adventurers find him, he’s trapped in a living cage of intertwined branches and leaves. They must negotiate with the Leshys and find a way to free the trapped scholar.

Echoes of the Canopy

Strange, melodic whispers echo through the forest, luring travelers off the path and into the unknown. The Leaf Leshys are blamed for these disappearances, but is there a darker force at play? The adventurers must investigate and put an end to the haunting melodies.

The Greenbound Pact

An old treaty between a village and the forest’s spirits, represented by the Leaf Leshys, is on the brink of being broken. As tensions rise, the adventurers are called to mediate and ensure that both sides uphold their end of the bargain.

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