What is a Lemure in Pathfinder 2e text over an image of a brownish mass with sort of a face that is the lowest of devils called the Lemure

What is a Lemure in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Lemure in Pathfinder 2e? These shapeless masses of quivering flesh are the least of devilkind. Pathetic creatures from Hell’s first layer, Lemures roam alongside damned and suffering souls. Pit fiends can combine the essence of a mob of Lemures to concentrate their collective wickedness with a single form, granting it an infernal sentience and transforming it into a more powerful devil, by using their Devil Shaping Ability.

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What is a Lemure in Pathfinder 2e text over an image of a brownish mass with sort of a face that is the lowest of devils called the Lemure

What is a devil in Pathfinder 2e?

Masters of corruption and architects of conquest, devils seek both to tempt mortal life to join in their pursuit of all things profane and to spread tyranny throughout all worlds. The temptations they offer mortals range from great powers granted by the signing of an infernal contract to twisted favors following a whispered pledge to a diabolic patron, or any number of even subtler exchanges. Those who succumb to these temptations find themselves consigned to an afterlife of endless torment in the pits of Hell, wherein the only hope of escape lies in the chance of being promoted to become a devil in the infernal ranks. Lowly lemures and imps perform subservient labor to more powerful and specialized devils.

A formless shapeless blob that is the lemure - lowest of devils in Pathfinder 2e

What attacks does a lemure have?

Lemures are the weakest of all devils. Their attack is also very weak in nature: Melee claw +7 that is evil and magical and deals damage of 1d4+2 slashing plus 1 evil.


While travel to and from Hell is possible with plane shift, another way to reach and traverse the infernal realms is via hellmouths, strange living portals connecting different layers or even different planes. A hellmouth takes the form of a grimacing face, distended maw, or other distressingly organic aperture, and no two share the same appearance. Most are carefully guarded, but some new or well-hidden hellmouths have yet to be discovered.

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A formless shapeless blob that is the lemure - lowest of devils in Pathfinder 2e

Lemures have little drive of their own, but other devils can take command of them. A non-lemure devil can issue a command to all lemures within 60 feet of it with a single action, which has the auditory and concentrate traits. The devil picks one of the following orders they can understand, and they follow that order. The command and its effects end once the commander is out of the lemure’s sight, a new command is issued by the same or another devil, or it dies.

Kill – It attacks one target the commander singles out and gains a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls against the target.

Defend – It circles the commander and attacks any creature that comes near. It gains a +1 circumstance bonus to AC and saves.

Fetch – It gains a +10–foot circumstance bonus to its Speed and attempts to get an object or person the commander singles out. It attacks anyone and anything that gets in the way.

Work – It performs drudge work dictated by the commander.

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Want full stats on the lemure?

Click here for the full stats on the lemure.

Lemure adventure ideas

Stop the torment

The players are tasked by a Cassisian Angel to find and destroy a particular lemure. The players are given a magical compass that points to the location of that specific creature. The lemure in question was married to a particularly devoted woman and as a favor, her god has agreed to have her husband destroyed to end his torment. A magical dust is also provided to fully destroy her former husband forever.

The hellmouth opens

The ruler of the kingdom was rumored to be evil in his heart and it was proven to all when one day half of his castle crumbled as a hellmouth opened in the inner courtyard. All the nations’ heroes have been summoned to stop the invasion from the nine hells. Thousands of lemure’s have been summoned by the numerous devils that are now fighting the vestiges of the material plane.

The dark experiment

A mid-level dark wizard has opened a small portal into one of the nine hells and is collecting lemures for a dark experiment. He is trying to fuse them into himself to become a devil-human hybrid using an ancient tome he found in a long-abandoned wizard’s keep.

The stairs lead up into the tower by room 31 in the upper right-hand corner of the map.

The lemures are being kept in holding pens in rooms 3, 7, 18, and 19. The wizard is performing experiments in room 3. When the players enter this room there are 12 lemures being magically forced into a smaller space in an effort to create a devil-like a pit fiend is able to do.

If the players try to speak to the wizard. He or she will speak about the great power that has been found and then with the wizard’s first action a spell will be cast to join the 12 lemures into a form of living armor that has multiple attacks per round for those in melee range. The wizard has magically merged them into a form of living armor that didn’t fully merge.

The Lemure Dark Experiment Map from Donjon.bin.sh

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