What is lesser death in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Lesser Death in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Lesser Death in Pathfinder 2e? No one is quite sure what lesser deaths are, though some claim that they are avatars of the grim reaper. Unlike that strange hunter, however, lesser deaths hunt in packs on rare occasions. More often than not, they manifest from cursed magic items. Other times, they are just the enactors of death, hunting in the same way the grim reaper does— silently, with neither remorse nor quarter. Rarely, multiple lesser deaths work together to cull a large population, their scythes cutting through crowds and leaving entire cities devoid of life, inspiring (hopefully) false rumors of multiple grim reapers.

What is lesser death in pathfinder 2e?

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A renowned artist unveils his latest collection, but there’s something deeply unsettling about his paintings. Those who gaze upon them for too long are found lifeless the next day. The adventurers learn that the artist made a pact with a Lesser Death, trapping souls within his artwork. They must navigate the painted worlds to free the trapped souls and confront the artist and his dark patron.

The Clocktower’s Toll

The city of Timehaven is known for its grand clock tower. However, every midnight, as the clock strikes twelve, a resident of the city dies mysteriously. The adventurers are tasked with solving the mystery and find that a Lesser Death is tied to the clock’s mechanism, claiming a soul with each toll. They must navigate the intricate gears and mechanisms of the tower to confront the entity.

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The Mirage Oasis

In the heart of the desert, an oasis appears that wasn’t on any map. Thirsty travelers who drink from its waters vanish without a trace. The adventurers, following a trail of disappearances, discover that a Lesser Death lurks beneath the waters, pulling in those desperate enough to drink. They must find a way to purify the oasis and banish the lurking threat.

The Forsaken Monastery

High atop the cliffs overlooking the sea stands an old monastery, abandoned for decades. Recently, lights have been seen within its walls, and travelers speak of haunting melodies echoing from its towers. The adventurers are hired to investigate and find that a Lesser Death has taken residence, luring lost souls with its siren song. They must confront this entity and free the spirits it has ensnared.

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Adventure Ideas

Echoes of the Past

The village of Eldertree, once destroyed by a mysterious force, has been seeing apparitions of its former residents. The adventurers are called to investigate and discover that a Lesser Death is using the memories of the deceased to torment the living. The party must find a way to lay these spirits to rest and confront the entity responsible.

The Deathly Orchestra

In the city of Harmonia, a once-famous orchestra has been resurrected, but their melodies bring despair and death. The adventurers must uncover the connection between the orchestra and the Lesser Deaths that seem to accompany their performances.

The Shadow’s Veil

A series of murders in the bustling city of Sunhaven has the populace in fear. Each victim is found with a look of sheer terror, their life force drained. The adventurers are tasked with finding the killer, leading them to confront a Lesser Death that hides in the very shadows of the city.

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