What is Lillend in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Lillend in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Lillend in Pathfinder 2e? Lillends are tale-tellers, chroniclers, and champions of freedom of expression. They are generally peaceful, but are quick to act if a masterful piece of art is threatened or free speech is suppressed. They pride themselves on inspiring mortals to greater heights of expression and creativity, and more than one bard looks to a lillend as their personal inspiration. Lillends sometimes secretly follow the adventures of mortal heroes to record their stories as epic poems and songs, which they then perform in the packed mead halls of Elysium.

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What is Lillend in pathfinder 2e?

When pursuing such goals, lillends take pains to use their innate spells to remain in hiding, as they would rather observe and record events without “polluting” them with their own intervention. Nevertheless, a lillend who sees their charge faced with certain death often cannot resist the urge to intervene and save the day. Inevitably, this brings a close to the lillend’s chronicles, as their relationship with their subject invariably shifts from one of detached observation to friendship or more. Yet lillends remain hesitant to involve themselves for overlong in a mortal’s life, in part because they fear what sort of fiendish attention their presence might attract, but mostly out of respect for the mortal’s own destiny. A lillend would, all things being equal, prefer to let mortals choose their own fate rather than run the risk of sending someone down a path to which their heart is not set.

Elysium’s Eclipse

The celestial realm of Elysium is in turmoil. A Lillend, guardian of a sacred grove, has gone missing. Portals between Elysium and the Material Plane are unstable, and celestial beings are inadvertently wreaking havoc. The party’s quest to find the Lillend takes them on a journey through both realms, battling the corruption that seeks to consume Elysium.

“Strings of Fate

A Lillend seeks the party’s aid to recover her stolen harp, an artifact of immense celestial power. The thief, a fallen angel, plans to use it to tear asunder the barriers between planes. As the party pursues the thief, they’re faced with moral dilemmas and the haunting melodies of the Lillend’s past.

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The Lillend’s Lament

In a grand theater abandoned for decades, a Lillend’s sorrowful tunes echo. Legends speak of a tragic love story between her and a mortal bard. Drawn to the theater, the party must piece together their tale and help the Lillend find closure, all while navigating the theater’s enchanted, trap-laden corridors.

The Serpent’s Serenade

A coastal town is entranced by the nightly melodies of a Lillend, who sings from the cliffs overlooking the sea. However, with her songs come strange tidal anomalies that threaten to flood the town. The party is sought to negotiate with the Lillend, uncovering a deeper tale of a lost love she seeks in the ocean’s depths.

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Adventure Ideas

The Melody of Lost Souls

In a bustling city, a series of mysterious disappearances have been linked to a hauntingly beautiful melody that resonates through the streets at night. The melody is said to be played by a Lillend, a celestial being known for their love for art and music. The party is hired to investigate the source of the melody and the reason behind the disappearances.

The Stolen Symphony

A renowned bard’s magnum opus, a symphony that took decades to compose, has been stolen just days before its premiere. Rumors suggest that a Lillend, captivated by the beauty of the composition, took it to the mead halls of Elysium to perform. The bard seeks the party’s help to retrieve the symphony and discover the Lillend’s true intentions.

Echoes of Elysium

A portal to Elysium has mysteriously opened in a secluded forest, and with it, creatures and celestial beings have started to venture into the mortal realm. Among them is a Lillend, who is on a quest to find a mortal muse for her next epic poem. However, her presence has attracted the attention of fiends who wish to capture her. The party must protect the Lillend and help her find her muse before the portal closes.

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