What is living wildfire in pathfinder 2e text showing a fire elemental humanoid image with a fire landscape in the background

What is a Living Wildfire (Fire Elemental)?

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Living wildfires are humanoids made of living fire. They speak Ignan and can move at 50 feet.

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What is living wildfire in pathfinder 2e text showing a fire elemental humanoid image with a fire landscape in the background

Living Wildfire Explosion

When the living wildfire dies, it explodes, dealing 3d6 fire damage to each creature in a 10-foot emanation, DC 19 basic Reflex save.

Living Wildfire Attacks

Living Wildfire has a Melee tendril +15 attack with a reach of 10 feet for Damage 2d6+6 fire plus 2d4 persistent fire. If that wasn’t enough it can also attack you with a ranged 60-foot fire mote +15 attack for 2d6+3 fire damage.

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Adventure Ideas

Fire Cult

The players come across a group of fire-worshipping cultists who have summoned a living wildfire elemental to do their bidding. The cultists plan to use the elemental to burn down nearby towns and villages as a show of their power. The players must infiltrate the cult’s stronghold, defeat the elemental and its minions, and put an end to the cult’s twisted plans.

Goblins Playing With Fire

The players discover that a group of goblins has been using a living wildfire elemental to terrorize nearby towns and villages. The goblins have been capturing and binding the elemental to their will, using its fiery powers to burn down buildings and steal the treasure. The players must infiltrate the goblin stronghold, defeat their minions, and confront the elemental to put an end to their destructive plans.

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Mining Operations

The players come across a group of dwarves who have been tasked with mining a valuable mineral found only in areas where living wildfire elementals reside. However, the elemental has grown restless and has begun to cause damage to the mining operations. The players must help the dwarves calm the elemental and restore order to the mining operations, all while fending off attacks from the elemental’s minions.

The Alchemists

The players are hired by a group of alchemists who are studying the properties of a living wildfire elemental. The alchemists need the players to capture the elemental alive so they can study it and unlock its secrets. However, the elemental is fiercely independent and will not go down without a fight.


The players are hired by a wealthy noble who needs help defending his estate from a living wildfire elemental that has taken up residence nearby. The noble suspects that the elemental is being controlled by a rival noble, who is seeking to drive him out of his estate and claim it for himself. The players must investigate the noble’s claims and confront the elemental and its controller to restore order to the estate.

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