What is an Manticore in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Manticore in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Manticore in Pathfinder 2e? The manticore is a monstrous amalgamation of lion, dragon, and human with a penchant for feasting on human flesh. Its distinctive tail is festooned with large quills like those of a porcupine, which the manticore flings at prey by whipping its tail like a sling. These deadly spikes give the manticore the power to slaughter even well-armed warriors from the safety of the sky.

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What is an Manticore in Pathfinder 2e?

Manticore Characteristics

Although the anthropomorphic face of the manticore suggests a keen intellect, most creatures of its kind are simple-minded killers. They can be clever liars, however, and their voices have a strangely musical sound that has lured many unwitting travelers into an ambush.

A manticore discovered by uneducated humanoids (especially those who are both lawful and evil) can sometimes become the center of adoration and even worship; a manticore in this situation swiftly gives in to its laziness and allows its acolytes to bring it tribute in the form of food and treasure, feasting upon its own followers when offerings become scarce. Stronger humanoids who encounter a manticore can cow it through intimidation and violence, sometimes even forcing it into service as a mount. As long as the manticore is well fed with human flesh and its master leads it to victory, a manticore mount can prove surprisingly loyal.

The Manticore’s Bargain

A Manticore has taken up residence near a bustling trade route, attacking caravans and causing chaos. The local guild of merchants is offering a bounty for its head. However, when the adventurers confront the Manticore, it offers them a deal: it will stop attacking the caravans if they help it hunt down a group of poachers who have been killing its kin for sport. The adventurers must decide whether to honor the bounty or strike a deal with the beast.

The Manticore’s Treasure

Rumors abound of a Manticore guarding a vast treasure hoard in a cave deep within the forest. The beast is said to have a taste for riddles and will allow those who can answer its riddles to take some of its treasure. But beware, those who answer incorrectly become the Manticore’s next meal. The adventurers must use their wits and bravery to outsmart the Manticore and claim the treasure.

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The Manticore’s Revenge

A Manticore is seeking revenge on a band of hunters who killed its mate and took their cubs for sale on the black market. The Manticore is rampaging through the countryside, attacking anyone it comes across. The adventurers are hired to stop the beast, but they may find themselves sympathizing with its plight. They could choose to track down the hunters and bring them to justice, potentially making an ally of the Manticore.

The Manticore’s Curse

A Manticore has been terrorizing a small village, but this is no ordinary beast. It was once a proud knight, cursed by a sorcerer to live as a monster after a disagreement turned violent. The Manticore retains its human intelligence and a desire to be human again. The adventurers are hired to kill the beast, but upon discovering its true nature, they may choose to seek a way to break the curse instead.

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Adventure Ideas

The Manticore’s Mate

 A Manticore has been terrorizing a local village, but it’s not out of malice. It’s searching for its mate, who was captured by a group of hunters. The adventurers are hired to stop the Manticore’s rampage, but they may choose to help the creature instead by tracking down the hunters and rescuing the Manticore’s mate.

The Manticore’s Tribute

 A Manticore has demanded tribute from a local village in exchange for not attacking them. The villagers have been giving it food and treasure, but their resources are running low. The adventurers are hired to put a stop to this. They must confront the Manticore and either negotiate a new deal or eliminate the threat it poses.

The Manticore’s Secret

 The adventurers find a Manticore injured and near death. If they choose to help it, the Manticore reveals a secret: a powerful artifact hidden deep within its lair. However, the lair is also home to other dangerous creatures. The adventurers must decide whether to brave these dangers to retrieve the artifact and determine what to do with the Manticore.

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