What is a Mitflit in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Mitflit in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Mitflit in Pathfinder 2e? Mitflits, also known as mites, are self-loathing and pitiful cowards, easily bullied into servitude by other creatures or even slightly more powerful mitflit leaders. They tame insects, spiders, and other such creatures to serve as faithful allies. Mitflits have lost most of their ancestral gremlin magic, leaving these incomplete beings full of doubt and insecurity. Mitflits find companionship in the other base creatures of the world, and forge bonds of friendship with vermin, the only other beings that seem willing to accept them. A social structure, even one in which they are bullied, partially fills the hole within mitflits’ personalities, and they rarely rebel or rail out unless their rage hits a breaking point.

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The Mitflit’s Mirage

The desert city of Sunspire is under siege, not by armies, but by illusions and mirages that disorient and confuse its citizens. At the heart of the mystery is a tribe of Mitflits who’ve discovered a magical gem with the power to bend reality. The adventurers must negotiate with the Mitflits to end the illusions or risk the city descending into chaos.

The Crystal Labyrinth

A legendary maze made entirely of crystal is said to house treasures beyond imagination. However, it’s also the home of playful and mischievous Mitflits who love to lead intruders astray. The adventurers must navigate the labyrinth, outwit its Mitflit inhabitants, and claim the treasure for themselves.

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The Song of the Mitflit

A haunting melody drifts through the village of Ferngrove every night, lulling its inhabitants into a deep sleep from which they cannot be awakened. The adventurers discover that a group of Mitflits, cursed and seeking to lift their affliction, are behind the song. The party must find a way to break the curse and save the village.

Echoes of the Blue Cavern

Deep within the Whispering Mountains lies a cavern illuminated by a mysterious blue glow. Travelers who ventured inside were either never seen again or returned speaking in riddles. The adventurers are hired to explore the cavern and soon encounter a tribe of Mitflits who guard an ancient relic. The challenge is to either negotiate with the Mitflits for the relic or find another way to retrieve it.

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Adventure Ideas

The Vermin Whisperers

The town of Elden Hollow is plagued by an infestation of monstrous insects. The adventurers are hired to investigate, only to discover a group of Mitflits controlling the vermin. The challenge is not just to eliminate the threat, but to understand the Mitflits’ tragic plight and find a peaceful resolution.

The Lost Tribe

In the dense woods of Thistlebrook, children have been going missing. Rumors speak of small blue creatures seen near the disappearances. The adventurers must track down these creatures, the Mitflits, and uncover a deeper conspiracy involving a powerful sorcerer who’s been manipulating them.

The Pit of Despair

A deep chasm known as the Gloom Pit has appeared overnight near the city of Marrowdale. From its depths, swarms of insects emerge, terrorizing the city. The adventurers must descend into the pit, confront the Mitflits who’ve made it their home, and discover the unnatural reasons behind the chasm’s sudden appearance.

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