What is a pharaoh mummy in pathfinder 2e text over an image of a skeleton faced mummy wearing Egyptian headgear of a pharaoh.

What is a Pharaoh Mummy in Pathfinder 2e?

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The pharaoh mummy. While mummy guardians are undead crafted from the corpses of the sacrificed—usually unwilling victims—and retain only fragments of their memories, a mummy pharaoh is the result of a deliberate embrace of undeath by a sadistic and cruel ruler. The transformation from life to undeath is no less awful and painful, but as the transition is an intentional bid to escape death by a powerful personality who fully embraces the blasphemous repercussions of the choice, the mummy pharaoh retains its memories and personality intact.              

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What is a pharaoh mummy in pathfinder 2e text over an image of a skeleton faced mummy wearing Egyptian headgear of a pharaoh.

Creating a Mummy Pharaoh

Although in most cases a mummy pharaoh is formed from a particularly depraved ruler instructing their priests to perform complex rituals that grant the ruler eternal unlife, a ruler who was filled with incredible anger in life might spontaneously arise from death as a mummy pharaoh without undergoing this ritual.

Depending on the nature of the ruler, a mummy pharaoh might have spellcasting or other class features instead of its Attack of Opportunity and disruptive abilities—the exact nature of the abilities the ruler had in life can significantly change or strengthen the mummy pharaoh presented in the bestiary, which represents the least powerful variety of this deadly undead foe.

Pharaoh Mummy from the Pathfinder Bestiary book. It is an undead creature with a skeletal face wearing an Egyptian headdress and welding a golden spear.

Insidious Mummy Rot

This disease and any damage from it can’t be healed until this curse is removed. A creature killed by insidious mummy rot turns to sand and can’t be resurrected except by a 7th-level resurrect ritual or similar magic. Saving Throw DC 26 Fortitude; Stage 1 carrier with no ill effect – 1 minute; Stage 2 8d6 negative damage and stupefied 2 – 1 day. If you survive this you will need to remove the curse to heal any of that damage. But at least you won’t turn to sand.

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Great Despair Aura

The Pharaoh Mummy has an aura of Great Despair for 30 feet. Living creatures are frightened 1 while in a mummy guardian’s despair aura. They can’t naturally recover from this fear while in the area but recover instantly once they leave the area. When a creature first enters the area, it must succeed at a DC 26 Will save, after taking the penalty from being frightened, or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. The creature is then temporarily immune for 24 hours.

Pharaoh Mummy sorcerer. A woman wrapped in bandages standing on a glowing circle of light with her arms raised up as if in prayer.

Killing a Pharoah Mummy

 The Pharaoh Mummy has Rejuvenation. When a mummy pharaoh is destroyed, necromantic energies rebuild its body in its tomb over 1d10 days. If the re-forming body is destroyed during that time, the process starts anew. A slain mummy pharaoh can be destroyed for good with a consecrate ritual.

Pharaoh Mummy can control the undead

Undead Mastery within 100 feet. Commanded or allied undead in the aura that have a lower level than the mummy pharaoh gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, AC, saves, and skill checks.   

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Pharaoh Mummy Adventure Ideas.

Treasure Hunting

The players are hired by a wealthy merchant to retrieve a valuable artifact from an ancient tomb in the desert. When they arrive, they find the tomb guarded by a powerful pharaoh mummy and its undead guards that were created by the mummy to guard him and the artifact that he is wearing.

The Sacrifice

The players are hired by a group of adventurers to accompany them into an ancient pyramid but soon find themselves trapped inside with a powerful mummy that seeks to claim their lives as offerings to its long-dead god.               

Time Warp

The players are hired to explore a lost city in the desert but soon discover that the city is cursed and the mummy that guards it has the power to manipulate time, sending the players back to the city’s glory days or trapping them in a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.

Below is a map of the bottom floor of the step pyramid in the middle of the lost city. They could be confronted by the pharaoh mummy in room 1 or room 3. The entrance is the hallway in the upper left-hand corner of the map.

If you choose to use a trap of a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth use this map below and have them live out the lives of all the would-be grave robbers throughout the centuries and each time they die they start over again in the hallway in the upper left-hand corner. If they can reach room 13 there is a book that will end the ritual and let them confront the pharoah mummy in combat.

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