What is a Pleroma in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Pleroma in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Pleroma in Pathfinder 2e? Among the most powerful of all the true aeons, pleromas are a manifestation of the duality of creation and destruction. Their physical manifestation is a constant state of flux between these two poles, their forms a shifting cloak of black where galaxies and other celestial objects flit in and out of existence, as if depicting the constant life, death, and rebirth of a miniature, self-contained universe.

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Pleromas see the multiverse as both eternal and cyclical, doomed and malleable, ending only if these cycles ever become unbalanced. They believe the current Convergence is necessary to obtain this essential balance, and act to ensure that the grand design of the Monad is carried out to the smallest detail.

The Starborn Heirloom

In the noble house of Starborne, a family heirloom known as the Celestial Locket has been stolen. This artifact is said to contain a fragment of a Pleroma’s essence, used by the family’s ancestors to commune with the astral realms. The current patriarch, Lord Varian Starborne, fears the locket’s power in the wrong hands and seeks the adventurers’ help in retrieving it. Their quest takes them through the criminal underworld, rival noble houses, and into the depths of astral mysteries. They must recover the locket and confront the thief, whose ambitions might threaten more than just the Starborne family.

The Astral Sentinels

The kingdom of Valoria is on high alert as several of its border outposts have been enveloped in a strange, starry mist. Scouts report glimpses of ethereal figures within the mist, believed to be Pleromas guarding an ancient astral gateway. The king, fearing an invasion from the Astral Plane, enlists the adventurers to investigate and secure the outposts. Their mission leads them into the heart of the mist, where they encounter the Astral Sentinels, and must unravel the history of the astral gateway. They face the challenge of ensuring the kingdom’s safety while respecting the ancient pact guarding the gateway.

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The Nebula’s Whisper

A renowned astronomer in the city of Astrolia has detected a disturbing pattern in the stars, resembling a sentient nebula. This celestial anomaly aligns with ancient texts describing a Pleroma’s emergence. The city, a hub of astrological study, is abuzz with theories and fears. The adventurers are recruited to collaborate with the astronomers, exploring observatories and star charts to predict the Pleroma’s arrival. Their investigation takes them on a journey through cosmic lore, revealing forgotten astral rituals and the potential for a cosmic event that could alter the fabric of reality, challenging their understanding of the stars and what lies beyond.

The Starforged Pact

In the frontier town of Starfall, remnants of a celestial object have brought more than just rare minerals; they’ve awakened a dormant Pleroma. The townspeople, unfamiliar with such astral phenomena, panic as reality begins to warp around them. The adventurers are called upon by the town’s mayor to investigate the celestial debris and deal with the Pleroma. They must navigate a town on the brink of chaos, decipher the nature of the celestial object, and understand the Pleroma’s connection to it. The task challenges their understanding of planar physics and the balance between terrestrial and astral forces.

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Adventure Ideas

The Veil of Stars

In the desert city of Zephyria, a mysterious phenomenon known as the Star Veil appears in the night sky, bathing the city in otherworldly light. Scholars theorize it’s a thinning of the barrier between the Material Plane and the Astral Plane, potentially heralding the emergence of a Pleroma. The adventurers are enlisted by the Zephyrian Council to investigate the Star Veil, ensuring the city’s safety. Their journey takes them through ancient ruins, starlit deserts, and encounters with astral beings. They must uncover the truth behind the Star Veil and address the Pleroma’s intentions—be they benign or malevolent.

The Astral Labyrinth

The legendary Astral Labyrinth, a maze of ever-shifting corridors and rooms said to exist between planes, has manifested near the town of Ebonvale. Tales tell of a Pleroma at its heart, guarding ancient cosmic wisdom. The adventurers are drawn to the labyrinth, either by the promise of knowledge or the thrill of exploration. Inside, they encounter bizarre environments, puzzles that defy logic, and creatures from beyond their world. Navigating the labyrinth requires more than bravery and strength; it challenges their understanding of reality itself. Their goal: to reach the center, confront the Pleroma, and unlock the secrets it guards.

Shadows of Astral Fire

In the kingdom of Solanar, a once-dormant volcano has erupted, spewing not lava, but streams of pure astral energy. This event has awakened a slumbering Pleroma, bound to the volcano centuries ago by a forgotten civilization. The eruption threatens to tear the fabric of reality, merging the Material and Astral Planes. The adventurers, recognized for their heroic deeds, are summoned by the king to investigate the phenomenon. They must brave the astral-infused volcano, decipher ancient texts, and confront the Pleroma to prevent a cataclysmic convergence of planes that could spell doom for Solanar and the surrounding realms.

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