What is a red dragon in pathfinder 2e text with a picture of an ancient red dragon in a fiery landscape

What is a Red Dragon in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Red Dragon in Pathfinder 2e? The largest and most powerful of the chromatic dragons, red dragons are a menace to civilizations everywhere, and their strength is rivaled only by their arrogance. Red dragons see themselves as regents and overlords of all dragonkind. With their crowns of crimson spikes and their command of the blistering frame, this is no haughty boast in their eyes—only unquestioned fact.

Red dragons don’t deign to speak with lesser creatures; they simply dominate and burn, enslaving weaker creatures to act as servants and to look after their lairs while the dragons slumber away. They take pleasure in dominating these creatures, and they demand tribute from their supplicants. Those who anger or disappoint end up eaten or reduced to ash. They command their enslaved minions to constantly build onto their lairs, carving out new tunnels and designing cunning traps that ensure the dragon’s security.

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What is a red dragon in pathfinder 2e text with a picture of an ancient red dragon in a fiery landscape

Red Dragon Behavior

Driven by their arrogance, red dragons are the most likely of the chromatic dragons to ravage settlements. They want the world to see them in their rightful place as powerful tyrants, and they delight in threatening all other creatures. They have no qualms about bullying, manipulating, or killing to complete their goals—or simply intimidating others through a public display of brutality and dominance.

As legendary as the brutishness of red dragons is the magnificence of their hoards of gold. Their lairs are often situated in dangerous places, with volcanoes being a favorite spot, as they find them foreboding and the constant warmth is comfortable. No matter the locale, red dragons sleep on a litter of coins and other treasures, which they zealously guard. Sometimes, the dragon’s internal heat causes these precious metals to fuse together.

Breathe Weapon

The dragon breathes a blast of flame that deals 15d6 fire damage in a 50-foot cone DC 36 basic Reflex save. It can’t use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.  The dragon recharges its Breath Weapon whenever it scores a critical hit with a Strike

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Spell Casting

Red dragon spellcasters tend to cast the following spells.

Young Red Dragon

Arcane Prepared Spells DC 29, attack +23; 4th crushing despair, invisibility, stoneskin; 3rd grease, haste, mind reading; 2nd comprehend language, resist energy, see invisibility; 1st charm, ray of enfeeblement, true strike; Cantrips (4th) chill touch, daze, mage hand, message, sigil

Adult Red Dragon

Arcane Prepared Spells DC 35, attack +29; As a young red dragon, plus 6th dispel magic, teleport, wall of force; 5th cloak of colors, command, tongues; Cantrips (6th) chill touch, daze, mage hand, message, sigil

The Relic of Ember’s Roar

An ancient artifact, known as the Ember’s Roar, is said to grant its wielder the power to control red dragons. The adventurers are hired by a mysterious benefactor to recover this relic from the lair of a fearsome red dragon named Pyrothar. As they delve into the dragon’s domain, they soon discover that the artifact’s true power might be even more dangerous than the dragon itself.

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Adventure Ideas

The Red Tyrant’s Reign

A powerful red dragon named Raxthor has established its lair in the heart of an active volcano, threatening a nearby village with annihilation. The villagers live in constant fear of Raxthor’s wrath, forced to pay tribute in gold and food to appease the beast. Desperate for help, the village leaders seek out a group of adventurers to put an end to the dragon’s tyranny, promising a share of Raxthor’s hoard as a reward.

The Dragon’s Debt

A wealthy merchant’s daughter has been kidnapped by a cunning red dragon named Vysithrax, who demands a ransom of gold and rare artifacts from the merchant’s extensive collection. The distraught merchant hires the adventurers to infiltrate Vysithrax’s volcanic lair and rescue his daughter, offering them a hefty sum and a favor if they can retrieve his prized possessions as well.

The Flame’s Descent

A red dragon named Ignisarath has grown bored with its current domain and decides to claim a new territory, setting its sights on a thriving city. The dragon descends upon the city, demanding the citizens recognize its rule or face total destruction. The city’s leaders call upon a group of adventurers to find a way to stop the red dragon and protect their home from the flames of its wrath.

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