What is a River Drake in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a River Drake in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a River Drake in Pathfinder 2e? Although the glistening scales and sleek, fin-like wings on these drakes give them an appearance reminiscent of river fish, they are actually distant relatives of the black dragon. While smaller than most drakes, river drakes are more than capable of plaguing river travelers and are equally at home above and below the water’s surface. This flexibility allows them to catch a wide variety of prey, from fish and boggards to deer and the occasional ferry passenger.

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The Midnight Mirage

At midnight, during the summer solstice, a mirage appears over the river, depicting an ancient city of gold and its downfall. Legend says the River Drake was once its protector. Adventurers are sought to decipher the mirage’s meaning and perhaps discover the sunken city’s remnants.

The River’s Resonance

Strange harmonies emanate from the river, drawing creatures and adventurers alike to its banks. These melodies are believed to be the River Drake’s call, seeking assistance. An ancient barrier that keeps malevolent sea creatures at bay is weakening, and the drake needs help to reinforce it.

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The Silvered Scales

Every autumn, the River Drake sheds a single, silvered scale into the river. This scale is believed to possess curative properties, capable of healing any ailment. As the season approaches, the sick and desperate converge on Rivertide, hoping to retrieve the miraculous scale.

The Echoing Abyss

A whirlpool has formed in the river’s center, said to be a portal to the Echoing Abyss, a realm of reflections and memories guarded by the River Drake. Those who enter can relive past events or witness ancient histories. However, lingering too long might trap one in a memory forever.

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Adventure Ideas

The Dreamer’s Voyage

A potion maker in Rivertide has crafted a brew that allows one to enter the dreams of creatures. She believes that venturing into the River Drake’s dreams can uncover lost lore and treasures. However, the dream realm is unpredictable, and one might encounter the drake’s deepest fears and desires.

The Tidal Relic

Every century, the river experiences a Great Tide, a massive wave that reshapes its banks. This event is said to be the River Drake’s way of renewing the land. Hidden within the Great Tide is the Tidal Relic, an artifact that controls ebb and flow. As the next Great Tide approaches, a race ensues to claim the relic’s power.

The Enchanted Confluence

Every fifty years, the tributaries feeding into the river align perfectly, creating a magical confluence. This event awakens the River Drake’s dormant powers, allowing it to grant blessings or curses. A ceremony is held in Rivertide where representatives present offerings to the drake, hoping for its favor.

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