What is a silver dragon in pathfinder 2e? With a picture of a silver dragon standing on top of a mountain.

What is a Silver Dragon in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Silver Dragon in Pathfinder 2e? Silver dragons are among the most chivalrous of all dragonkind; they wield frost and cold as weapons, can walk on clouds, and dwell high upon snowy mountain peaks or deep in steep, misty valleys.

Although they typically make their lairs among the highlands, the pursuit of justice leads silver dragons to travel far and wide—often into the very heart of realms overrun by evil. These exemplars of righteousness are ceaseless in their determination to help the weak, spread honor, and stamp out evil.

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What is a silver dragon in pathfinder 2e? With a picture of a silver dragon standing on top of a mountain.

Sliver Dragon Description

Silver dragons are sleek and sinuous. Their hides resemble nothing so much as a suit of gleaming armor, lending further credence to the popular myth that silver dragons are the paladins of dragonkind. The zeal with which they seek out, confront, and defeat evil is unsurpassed even among their metallic cousins, and they adhere to strict codes of honor usually passed down from parent to hatchling. On occasion, they instead learn these codes from trusted mentors, usually other silver dragons or gold dragons. As they age, they become even more dedicated to their codes, often adding new and even more restrictive clauses to the systems that guide their behavior.

Sliver Dragon Behavior

Silver dragons are incredibly altruistic and regularly consort with the citizens of goodly societies, of which they consider themselves protectors and guides. In addition to responding to evil threats, silver dragons work to prevent evil from taking root in the first place, and they ensure mortals under their care are well-fed, educated, and treated with dignity.

Although silver dragons can seem overzealous or even eager to join the fight against evil, they know that the best way to rid the world of corruption is to stamp out strife and disillusionment at their source, not to passively sit back and watch it grow into an unsolvable problem. Silver dragons can be vindictive, but they can also be forgiving; for evildoers who seek to atone for their sins and turn over a new leaf, the support of a silver dragon is both unwavering and invaluable.

Many silver dragons are also drawn to religious endeavors, venerating deities such as Iomedae, Sarenrae, and other deities concerned with justice, virtue, and redemption.

Breathe Weapon

The silver dragon breathes in one of two ways. The dragon can’t use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.

Frost (arcane, cold, evocation); The dragon breathes a cloud of frost in a 40-foot cone that deals 15d6 cold damage (DC 35 basic Reflex save).

Paralyzing Gas (arcane, enchantment, incapacitation); The dragon breathes a blast of paralyzing gas. Each creature within a 40-foot cone must succeed at a DC 35 Fortitude save or be slowed 2 for 1 round (or paralyzed for two rounds on a critical failure).

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The Icy Alliance

A silver dragon named Sylvaranth has forged an alliance with a group of good-aligned giants to combat a rising threat—a powerful, evil sorcerer who seeks to dominate the region. The adventurers are called upon to aid Sylvaranth and his allies in their quest to end the sorcerer’s tyranny. As they progress, the adventurers learn of a deeper conspiracy and must navigate a complex web of intrigue, betrayal, and ancient prophecies to save the region from the darkness.

The Snowbound Sanctuary

An ancient silver dragon named Glaciastra has been guarding a hidden sanctuary for centuries, providing refuge to those fleeing persecution and tyranny. Now, an evil warlord has discovered the sanctuary’s location and seeks to capture and enslave its inhabitants. The adventurers must help Glaciastra defend the sanctuary, devise a plan to thwart the warlord’s ambitions and ensure the safety of the sanctuary’s denizens.

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Adventure Ideas

The Stolen Relic

A silver dragon named Arcturus seeks the adventurers’ help to recover a stolen relic of great importance to a local temple of Iomedae. The thieves are rumored to have taken the artifact to a remote, ice-covered fortress. The adventurers must brave treacherous frozen landscapes, battle the fortress’s defenders, and return the relic to restore peace and justice to the region, earning the gratitude and friendship of the noble silver dragon

The Missing Dragons

The small, peaceful village of Valoria has long been under the protection of a silver dragon named Luminara. When Luminara goes missing, the village elders turn to the adventurers to find their guardian and uncover the reason for her disappearance. As they investigate, the adventurers discover a sinister plot that threatens not only the village but the entire region, and they must race against time to save their newfound silver dragon ally.

The Cult

A young silver dragon named Frostclaw has been deceived by a manipulative cult leader and now threatens a nearby town. The adventurers must infiltrate the cult and expose the leader’s lies to bring Frostclaw back to the path of righteousness. With Frostclaw’s help, they must then dismantle the cult’s evil operations and restore balance to the region.

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