What is a stone giant in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Stone Giant in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Stone Giant in Pathfinder 2e? Stone giants are stoic, reclusive herders and artists who have a rich history and collection of traditions. They dwell in caves in tall mountains and craggy ranges, where their grayish skin allows them to blend in with their surroundings and go unnoticed by imperceptive adventurers.

Those benign travelers who come across a tribe of stone giants need not worry much, however, for stone giants do not actively invite confrontation or strife. They are, by and large, a peaceful people who seek wisdom through exploration of nature and long meditations on the elements of the natural world. Their elders are the wisest of stone giants, and use their charisma and druidic magic to lead their tribes to prosperity and harmony with nature.

A typical stone giant stands 12 feet in height and weighs about 1,500 pounds.

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What is a stone giant in pathfinder 2e?

Rockslide Rescue

A massive rockslide has cut off a main trade route through the mountains. The local authorities believe that the rockslide was not a natural occurrence but was caused by stone giants who live in the area. The adventurers are asked to negotiate with the stone giants and convince them to help clear the route.

The Missing Stone Shepherd

The stone giant, Garuum, well-liked by a nearby town for his gentle nature and artistic talents, has gone missing. His flock of mountain goats has come down from the hills without him, sparking worry among the townsfolk. The adventurers are asked to find Garuum and ensure his safe return.

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The Stoneheart Ritual

The stone giant tribe living in the nearby mountains is about to perform their once-in-a-century Stoneheart Ritual, a sacred event that supposedly grants the giants increased wisdom and connection to the earth. The ritual requires a rare mineral that the giants believe the adventurers can retrieve from a dangerous part of the mountains.

The Echoing Drums

The villagers in the foothills of the mountains are being kept awake by the rhythmic drumming emanating from the peaks. They believe it to be the Stone giants communicating or celebrating something. The villagers are unable to sleep and are starting to suffer from the incessant noise. They seek the help of the adventurers to communicate with the giants and ask them to stop the drumming.

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Adventure Ideas

The Giants’ Sculpture

The stone giant, Bragor, known for his exceptional stone-sculpting skills, wishes to create a masterpiece that will tell the history of his tribe for generations to come. However, he needs the rare Moonstone that can only be found deep within a dangerous cave system. The adventurers are tasked to retrieve this precious stone.

The Mountain’s Cry

The stone giants have noticed disturbing changes in the mountains they call home: rock formations are shifting, caves are collapsing, and strange sounds echo through the valleys. They believe the mountain is in pain and seek the adventurers’ help to find out what’s causing these unsettling events.

The Titan’s Challenge

The adventurers stumble upon a stone giant tribe’s ancient custom: a test of strength and cunning called The Titan’s Challenge. This contest is held only once every decade, and the prize is a boon from the tribe’s elder. The catch? The challenge is traditionally only open to other giants. Can the adventurers convince the stone giants to let them participate and win the coveted prize?

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