What is a Tyrannosaurs in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Tyrannosaurs in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Tyrannosaurs in Pathfinder 2e? Widely regarded as the king of the dinosaurs, the tyrannosaurus is a massive predator with a wide mouth filled with viciously sharp teeth. Thundering beasts of fury and hunger, tyrannosauruses are bold and fearless carnivores that eagerly bite off great hunks of large prey and swallow smaller prey—such as most humanoids—in a single gulp. Although they can subsist on carrion, tyrannosaurs prefer live prey.

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Tyrannosauruses stand on two wide, powerful hind legs that allow them to run quickly, and their thick tails provide them with exceptional balance. Although a their small forelimbs are of little use other than to hold prey in place while the predators tear at their victim’s flesh with their fearsome jaws, even these forelimbs bear sharp claws several inches long. As fearsome as tyrannosauruses are alone, they sometimes hunt in packs to take down massive prey. Only the most powerful creatures can successfully train tyrannosauruses, and even then, only when they can provide the ravenous beasts with a steady diet of meat.

Some tribes of giants, particularly cyclopes or more obscure denizens of primeval lands, have even trained tyrannosauruses as mounts or beasts of war. In other places, xulgaths feed these prisoners to these mighty dinosaurs as part of executions or ritual sacrifices. Some xulgath cults even revere tyrannosaurs as incarnations of their violent demonic demigods. For their part, tyrannosaurs who have grown used to having their meals provided in this manner are remarkably well-behaved toward their feeders and keepers. Tyrannosauruses are 50 feet long and weigh 7 tons or more.

. Other variants of the tyrannosaurs include slightly smaller dinosaurs such as the allosaurus, or even larger dinosaurs like the ravenous giganotosaurus. Even the smallest tyrannosaurs, such as the nanotyrannus, are never smaller than Large in size, yet despite this smaller stature, they are no less ferocious, and those who would assume that a nanotyrannus is “safer” to train would do well to think again!

The Tyrant’s Tear

A crystalline tear, believed to be from a Tyrannosaurs mourning its lost kin, is said to possess potent magical properties. When the tear is stolen from the Temple of Memories, the clerics enlist adventurers to retrieve it, leading them on a chase through treacherous terrains and confronting the thieves’ powerful allies.

The Labyrinth’s Lure

The Maze of Mirrors, a notorious labyrinth, holds a new challenge: at its heart is a Tyrannosaurs, brought from the past by a mischievous mage. Those who can navigate the maze and tame or defeat the beast are promised immense rewards. But many have entered and few have returned.

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The Mountain’s Echo

Tremors shake the village of Stoneridge, not from earthquakes, but from the roars of a Tyrannosaurs echoing through the mountains. An old legend speaks of a guardian beast protecting a hidden valley of treasures. Adventurers are lured by the promise of riches, but they must first appease or outwit the ancient guardian.

The Paleontologist’s Paradox

Dr. Lennora, a renowned paleontologist, discovers a Tyrannosaurs fossil with an anomaly: a metal pendant around its neck. The artifact suggests an intelligent being interacted with the creature. Intrigued, she seeks adventurers to journey with her through a rumored time portal to witness the Tyrannosaurs’ era firsthand and unravel the mystery.

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Adventure Ideas

The Tyrant’s Shadow

During a lunar eclipse, the shadowy silhouette of a Tyrannosaurs appears, roaming the city streets. Panic ensues as the shadow interacts with its surroundings, causing real damage. The city’s mage council believes a rift between realms is to blame and seeks adventurers to close it before the shadow becomes corporeal.

The Bone Collector’s Obsession

Collector Dravos acquires a near-complete Tyrannosaurs skeleton, missing only its skull. He offers a handsome reward for its retrieval from the perilous Obsidian Caves. However, the caves are said to be haunted by the spirit of the very beast, guarding its final resting place.

The Island of Giants

Sailors speak of a distant, uncharted island where time seems forgotten, and prehistoric creatures, including the Tyrannosaurs, roam free. A wealthy benefactor hires adventurers to escort her on a dangerous voyage to the island, seeking to document its wonders and bring back proof of its existence.

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