What is a Vampire Count in Pathfinder 2e text with an image of a elven humanoid with red eyes in expensive garb in front of a castle on a cliff side over the ocean.

What is a Vampire Count in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Vampire Count in Pathfinder 2e? Vampire Counts are fearsome, undead creatures that blend the terrifying aspects of vampires with the cunning and ruthless nature of a noble ruler. They command their dark demesnes with an iron fist, maintaining control over their subjects through a potent mix of fear and cruelty. By bending the wills of their minions and cultivating a network of spies and informants, Vampire Counts can effortlessly manipulate the events within their territories to suit their insidious plans.

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What is a Vampire Count in Pathfinder 2e text with an image of a elven humanoid with red eyes in expensive garb in front of a castle on a cliff side over the ocean.

Classic Vampire Traits

A vampire count has all of the common tropes of Dracula. They are able to turn into mist to escape even if it has 0 Hit Points left. It will move toward its coffin to heal. In 2 hours the vampire will become corporeal again regardless of where it is, but it will be unconscious. In addition to that, it can become a giant bat, dominate another with eye contact, and drinks blood.

The Lair of the Vampire

These undead creatures possess an air of regal authority and decadent elegance, often garbed in fine clothing that befits their noble status. Their pale, almost translucent skin and sharp fangs betray their vampiric nature, while their crimson eyes seem to pierce the very souls of those they gaze upon. A Vampire Count’s lair is typically a foreboding castle or manor, filled with opulent furnishings and adorned with macabre art that reflects their morbid tastes.

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Create Spawn

If a creature dies after being reduced to 0 HP by Drink Blood, the vampire can turn this victim into a vampire by donating some of its own blood to the victim and burying the victim in earth for 3 nights. If the new vampire is lower level than its creator, it is under the creator’s control. If a vampire controls too many spawn at once (as determined by the GM), strong-willed spawn can free themselves by succeeding at a Will saving throw against the vampire’s Will DC.

Drink Blood Vampire Mechanics

The vampire sinks its fangs into that creature to drink its blood. This requires an Athletics check against the victim’s Fortitude DC if the victim is grabbed and is automatic for any of the other conditions. The victim is drained 2 and the vampire regains 10 HP, gaining any excess HP as temporary Hit Points. Drinking Blood from a creature that’s already drained doesn’t restore any HP to the vampire but increases the victim’s drain value by 1. A vampire can also consume blood that’s been emptied into a vessel for sustenance, but it gains no HP from doing so.

A victim’s drained condition decreases by 1 per week. A blood transfusion, which requires a DC 20 Medicine check and sufficient blood or a blood donor, reduces the drain by 1 after 10 minutes.

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If you want the full stats of this creature go here: https://2e.aonprd.com/Monsters.aspx?ID=400

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Adventure Ideas

The Blood Oath

Countess Valeria Vorn, a vampire countess, has kidnapped a close friend of the heroes in order to use their blood to complete a dark ritual. With time running out, the heroes must navigate the countess’s labyrinthine castle, face her undead minions, and put an end to her evil plan before their friend becomes the next victim of her blood oath.

The Lost Legacy

The heroes come into possession of a mysterious map that points to the hidden tomb of Count Radovan, a legendary vampire lord who vanished centuries ago. Rumors suggest that the tomb contains the count’s vast treasure and powerful artifacts. As the heroes delve into the crypt, they must navigate ancient traps, battle undead guardians, and ultimately face the vampire count himself, who has been lying in wait for unwary treasure hunters.

The Sunless Citadel

The heroes learn of a sunless citadel, an ancient fortress shrouded in perpetual darkness, which is rumored to be the stronghold of Count Lucian Blackthorn, a feared vampire count. As the heroes venture into the citadel, they must confront twisted creatures of darkness, navigate treacherous corridors, and eventually confront the vampire count himself in a battle for the fate of the surrounding lands.

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