What is a Veiled Master in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Veiled Master in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Veiled Master in Pathfinder 2e? The powerful vidileths are the insidious veiled masters of the alghollthus. These manipulators of mind and body alike lead their species in the open, using their ability to change form to walk among and deceive humans and other sapient species. Many veiled masters are even more powerful than the typical specimen presented here and can use a wide range of arcane or occult spells and rituals.

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While veiled masters command significant combat prowess and impressive magical skills, the greatest danger they pose to others is their uncanny ability to infiltrate into societies much different than their own. The most paranoid of adventurers and conspiracy scholars worry that every major city has been infested by secret cabals of vidileths, while others dismiss this as hogwash and fearmongering. The truth is likely somewhere in between, but it doesn’t take many veiled masters pulling the strings behind the scenes to wreak havoc upon an entire nation!

The Pirate’s Plunder

Pirates have been raiding the coast, stealing treasures and kidnapping villagers. The party must track down the pirates, recover the stolen treasures, and confront the Veiled Master who is behind the pirate attacks.

The Sunken City

An ancient city has risen from the ocean floor, bringing with it secrets long forgotten. The party must explore the sunken city, uncover its mysteries, and confront the Veiled Master who is seeking to harness its power.

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The Sea Serpent’s Wrath

A sea serpent has been terrorizing the coastal towns, destroying ships and causing panic. The party must track down the sea serpent, calm its wrath, and confront the Veiled Master who is manipulating the creature.

The Sirens’ Song

Sirens have been luring sailors to their doom with their enchanting songs. The party must navigate the dangerous waters, resist the sirens’ charms, and confront the Veiled Master who is controlling the sirens.

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Adventure Ideas

The Kraken’s Curse

A kraken has been cursed and is attacking anything that comes near its lair. The party must navigate the treacherous waters, break the curse afflicting the kraken, and confront the Veiled Master who is responsible for the curse.

The Maelstrom of Madness

A maelstrom has formed in the ocean, driving sailors mad and causing ships to disappear. The party must navigate the maelstrom, battle the creatures within, and confront the Veiled Master who is manipulating the forces of nature.

The Coral Labyrinth

A labyrinth of coral has risen from the ocean floor, trapping ships and sea creatures within its walls. The party must navigate the coral labyrinth, rescue the trapped creatures, and confront the Veiled Master who is controlling the coral.

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