What is a werewolf in pathfinder 2e text over a picture of three werewolves breaking a table at a fair with a full moon behind them in the background.

What is a Werewolf in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a werewolf in Pathfinder 2e? The curse of the werewolf, also known as lycanthropy to many, instills in its carriers the hungry bloodlust and predatory instincts of the wolf. Werewolves tend to dwell on the fringes of society or in small settlements where, in their humanoid forms, they work as laborers, hunters, farmers, or trappers. At night, however, these same villagers transform into violent killers and sadistic stalkers who prey on their neighbors. Werewolves are the quintessential werecreature, and the first that comes to mind when most people speak of such beings.

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What is a werewolf in pathfinder 2e text over a picture of three werewolves breaking a table at a fair with a full moon behind them in the background.

Can You Cure a Werewolf?

Wolfsbane, Core Rulebook page 553, is a poisonous plant that can cure the curse of the werecreature. It’s effective only if consumed before the creature transforms for the first time. If the creature survives wolfsbane’s effects without using magic to aid in surviving, the creature can attempt a new saving throw against the curse of the werecreature. On a success, the creature is cured.   

Black werewolf standing on two legs in a dimly lit and foggy forest

The Curse of the Werewolf

This curse affects only humanoids. Saving Throw Fortitude DC is the standard DC for the werecreature’s new level minus 1. On each full moon, the cursed creature must succeed at another Fortitude save or turn into the same kind of werecreature until dawn. The creature is under the GM’s control and goes on a rampage for half the night before falling unconscious until dawn. If you are a player and the GM tells you that you wake up in a different place covered in blood, you might be a werecreature.

How Do You Know You Aren’t the Werewolf?

Werecreatures are notorious for their murderous rampages in the deep of the night, even if the violence is often at odds with the afflicted human’s true nature.  Even an honorable town guard or priest could be a murderous werewolf without realizing it. The werecreature’s curse leaves the afflicted with no memory of their nocturnal murder sprees.

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Werewolves Can Form Deadly Packs

Although most werewolves hide their curse by adopting solitary lifestyles, some retain the pack mentality of true wolves. A small group of such werewolves typically forms a family-like pack, with the eldest or most powerful serving as the leader; new pack mates are hand-chosen and inculcated into the family as its influence grows. Maybe your players need to hunt down an entire pack of werewolves.            

Do You Want To See Full Stats?

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Werewolf Adventure Idea


The players discover that a rival adventuring party has been infected with lycanthropy and is now using their new abilities to loot and pillage nearby settlements. The party must fight and stop their rivals that have newfound powers and abilities.

Werewolf Hunters

A group of werewolf hunters seeks the players’ help in tracking down and killing a particularly dangerous werewolf that has been eluding them for years. The twist on this could be that the werewolf hunters catch and put to “justice” the wrong people and have a habit of doing this in numerous other towns. Or the players could be accused by these hunters as they showed up when people start to be found brutally killed in the morning.

Werewolf with a huge great sword walking through a forest with a full moon behind him.

Secret Cult

The players stumble upon a secret cult that worships werewolves and seeks to become one of them. They have searched for years and have abducted a nobleman’s daughter who has been locked in a tower for years due to some unknown curse. The nobleman has hired the players to get his daughter back, without telling them that she is actually a werewolf. He knows of the cult and its desires and has kept that information from the players.

Below is a map of the tower where the daughter is being held in room 2 chained to a wall. The moon will be full in 3 days when the players spend 1 full day tracking down the cult. The cultists don’t occupy the entire tower, so many rooms can be empty if you wish.

Alternatively, the cultists could be using many of the smaller rooms for holding captives (both sentient humanoids and magical creatures) for other experiments.

If the party rescues the nobleman’s daughter they will encounter a werewolf on watch number 2 as she will change into a hybrid form and attack the players. If they realize this before she turns they can take precautions, but that would only happen if they interrogate a cultist and intimidate one of them to tell the truth about why they kidnapped the woman.

The Werewolf's Tower Map by Donjon.bin.sh

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