What is a zombie hulk in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Zombie Hulk in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Zombie Hulk in Pathfinder 2e? Life creates flesh to fulfill its needs, growing it to hunt, consume, and survive. In undeath, the tools of survival can be made into a medium for art. The zombie is the first note in a symphony of dead flesh. Along with skeletons, they are the sturdy, reliable base of any masterpiece and an artist who fails to master these simple tools is not worth noticing.

One can hear the joyous sounds of the symphony in the low moans and creaking bones of a zombie legion. Zombies are often created using unwholesome necromantic rituals. Among the living dead, zombies are most often used as fodder, wearing down defenses and consuming resources before more powerful undead arrive to deal the killing blow. Zombies cannot speak or really even think for themselves, but they can be commanded by other allied undead and powerful necromancers.

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What is a zombie hulk in pathfinder 2e?

The Siege of Stonehaven

The fortified city of Stonehaven is under siege by an army of undead, led by a powerful necromancer who has constructed a massive zombie hulk to break through the city walls. The adventurers must infiltrate the besieging forces, disable the zombie hulk, and confront the necromancer before Stonehaven falls to the relentless undead horde.

The Mausoleum’s Secret

When a wealthy patron hires the adventurers to retrieve a family heirloom from a long-forgotten mausoleum, they find that the tomb is guarded by a zombie hulk, created by a necromancer who has made the crypt his secret base of operations. As they delve deeper into the crypt, they must confront the necromancer and his minions, and uncover the dark secret behind the zombie hulk’s creation.

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The Tainted Harvest

The once-thriving farming community of Greengrove is now plagued by a series of mysterious crop failures. The adventurers are hired to investigate the cause and soon discover that a powerful necromancer has created a zombie hulk to guard a hidden lair beneath the fields. The party must battle their way through the undead monstrosity and put an end to the necromancer’s vile experiments before Greengrove starves.

The Necromancer’s Apprentice

In the small village of Oakhollow, a young and inexperienced necromancer named Aldric seeks the help of the adventurers to stop his own creation, a zombie hulk he accidentally unleashed upon the town. As the undead abomination wreaks havoc, the party must work together to contain the creature and save the village. Meanwhile, they must uncover Aldric’s motives and determine whether he can be trusted or must face justice for his dark arts.

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Adventure Ideas

The Unholy Sculptor

The adventurers learn of a gruesome art exhibition in a distant city, where a deranged sculptor has used dark magic to create an installation featuring a zombie hulk as its centerpiece. The creature is poised to break free from its restraints, threatening the lives of the exhibition’s visitors. The party must stop the zombie hulk, uncover the sculptor’s motives, and put an end to the twisted artistic display before more innocent lives are lost.

The Gory Games

The adventurers are invited to compete in an underground gladiatorial arena, where they face off against a variety of deadly opponents. Their final challenge is to battle a formidable zombie hulk, created by the arena’s ruthless owner to ensure the games remain exciting and brutal. The party must defeat the undead monstrosity and expose the arena’s cruel and illegal practices before they become its next victims.

The Buried Laboratory

A series of mysterious earthquakes leads the adventurers to an underground laboratory, where a mad scientist has been conducting experiments on the dead, culminating in the creation of a zombie hulk. As they explore the hidden facility, the party must confront the scientist and his twisted creations, including the zombie hulk, and put an end to the unnatural experiments causing the tremors.

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