What is an air mephit in pathfinder 2e text on a dark blue background with an image of an air mephit that looks like a small grey gargoyle if it hasn't cast blue on itself.

What is an Air Mephit in Pathfinder 2e?

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Many wizards love to use mephits in their work. They are easy to conjure low-level elemental spirits.

The trick is to make sure you don’t cast the wrong elemental type. If you value your library you won’t conjure a fire mephit unless you only use it to power certain elements of your lab.

Therefore, the air mephit is a favorite of many wizards.

What is an air mephit in pathfinder 2e text on a dark blue background with an image of an air mephit that looks like a small grey gargoyle if it hasn't cast blue on itself.

Mephits can be easily commanded

Mephits are a favorite target for low-level spellcasters to summon, both because they have several useful abilities and because they are relatively easy to command and manipulate. Still, care must be taken when using mephits as minions, because if left unwatched or unattended for too long, they can cause all sorts of mischief.

Mephit names

Since they are so often compelled into service by mortal conjurers and more powerful elementals, air mephits tend to adopt long names peppered with self-proclaimed titles and imagined or exaggerated accomplishments to alleviate their feelings of inadequacy. For example, Anothoraxia, Lurker in Dark Places, the Tragic Hero, One Against All.

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Air mephit fighting style

The Air Mephit is capricious and flighty relative to their kin. They are just as likely to fly blindly into battle as they are to whine in terror at a loud noise. They are pale blue in color and have thin wings that trail small puffs of vapor as they fly through the skies.

Even though they only have 12 hit points, they are extremely dangerous because they have fast heal 2 in the open air. Unless you are somehow fighting these creatures underwater or even worse in fire, they will be healing damage at an increased rate. They can swarm medium-level parties right after they have a precast blur on themselves if they feel they are in danger or just want to cause trouble for people.

Air mephit’s breath weapon

The air mephit’s breath weapon uses two actions. It breathes sand and grit in a 15-foot cone that deals 2d6 slashing damage to each creature within the area with a DC 17 basic Reflex save. The air mephit can’t use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.

An air mephit that looks like a semi-transparent gargoyle complete with wings.
An air mephit

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Full Stats

If you want to see the full stats for the Air Mephit go here.

Here are some adventure ideas for your game:

As a nuisance for a local village

A small group of air mephits have taken up residence in a nearby village. They are causing trouble for the inhabitants by constantly stirring up dust storms and other weather disturbances. The players are hired to drive the mephits out of the village.

As a way to introduce your major villain in an innocent way

The air mephit has been stealing small trinkets and hoarding them in its lair, and the players are hired to retrieve the stolen items and capture the air mephit in a special glass jar.

Once they hand the glass jar over to the person that hired them what will happen? Is this just a random stranger? Or because this is a great first-level adventure did your players inadvertently aid a villain they will encounter months or even years later?

Dangerous experiments

An air mephit has befriended a young wizard and is helping the wizard perform dangerous experiments. The players must stop the wizard and the mephit before their experiments cause widespread destruction.

A portal needs to be found in the woods to lead to room number one in a different pocket dimension. When the players look outside the windows they see a cloudy landscape filled with colors.

The wizard is inventing an artifact that will let him bend time but the players will find out in the tower that this artifact research won’t lead to the end result. A wizard in the party can come across papers in room #2 that show that the magic is flawed and will lead to a catastrophe if this artifact is ever used.

The wizard’s lab is probably in room 16 with magically warded doors. Fill out monsters and other traps as needed in the rooms below.

Air Mephit Wizard Tower map by donjon.bin.sh

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