What is an Annis Hag in Pathfinder 2e?

What is an Annis Hag in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Annis Hag in Pathfinder 2e? Annis hags are brutal torturers and murderers, delighting in the musical screams and tasty flesh of young creatures and those who are pure of heart. Annis hags are the most direct of all hags, engaging in physical combat and using their change-shape ability to hunt rather than infiltrate and betray humanoids. But an Annis hag takes a grisly trophy from each kill and uses it to sow discord, sending the trophy to one of her victim’s loved ones in a way that implicates another family member in the murder.

Also known as iron hags, annis hags have iron-like yet flexible flesh that resists edged weapons, and their own touch is the same cold iron that burns the flesh of other hags. This allows them to bully their way to the leadership of hag covens.

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What is an Annis Hag in Pathfinder 2e?

The Grisly Murders

A series of brutal murders have been occurring in a city, with the victims being young and pure of heart. The party is tasked with investigating these murders, leading them to the Annis Hag who delights in the screams and flesh of her victims. They must stop her before more innocent lives are lost.

The Discord Sower

The party arrives in a town fraught with discord and suspicion. An Annis Hag has been sending grisly trophies from her kills to loved ones, implicating other family members in the murders. The party must uncover the truth, reveal the Hag’s deception, and restore peace to the town.

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The Iron Maiden

The party is hired to rescue a kidnapped noble. The kidnapper is an Annis Hag who has trapped the noble in an iron cage and is demanding a ransom. The party must track down the Hag, rescue the noble, and defeat the Hag.

The Hag’s Challenge

The party comes across an Annis Hag who challenges them to a contest of strength. If they win, she will grant them a boon. If they lose, she will take something precious from them. The party must decide whether to accept the challenge and, if they do, figure out how to win.

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Adventure Ideas

The Iron Cage

The party encounters a town where people have been mysteriously disappearing. They discover that an Annis Hag has been capturing villagers using her Bonds of Iron ability. The adventurers must track down the Hag, free the captives, and put a stop to her reign of terror.

The Trophy Hunter

The party finds a grisly trophy from a recent murder, which leads them to an Annis Hag. The Hag has been sowing discord in the community by framing others for her crimes. The adventurers must uncover the truth and bring the Hag to justice.

The Shapechanger’s Game

An Annis Hag has been using her Change Shape ability to infiltrate a local community. The party must figure out who in the town is really the Hag in disguise, and expose her before she can do more harm.

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