What is an Arboreal Regent in Pathfinder 2e?

What is an Arboreal Regent in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Arboreal Regent in Pathfinder 2e? Arboreal regents—also called treants—are lumbering, solitary creatures responsible for guarding an entire forest. They take an especially long view of affairs and never act brashly or without much deliberation. They occasionally come together in small groups called groves to share news and pass their wisdom down to the arboreal wardens that have sprouted under their watch. In times of grave danger, all the groves in a region may gather for a great months-long meeting to plan and, eventually, act upon a threat.

The typical arboreal regent is 30 feet tall, has a trunk 2 feet in diameter, and weighs 4,500 pounds.

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What is an Arboreal Regent in Pathfinder 2e?

The Fungus Threat

A strange fungus is spreading through the Greenheart Forest, affecting both plant and animal life. The local druidic circle believes that an Arboreal Regent in the forest is sick and causing the spread. The party is asked to find the Regent and find a cure for its ailment.

The Grove Gathering

The party stumbles upon a gathering of Arboreal Regents in the heart of the Elderwood. The usually solitary creatures have come together to discuss a grave threat to their forest. The party must earn the trust of the Regents and help them deal with this looming danger.

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The Forest’s Heart

The heart of the Verdant Expanse, a massive tree known as the World Oak, has started to wither. The local druids believe that an Arboreal Regent, the forest’s guardian, is dying and the World Oak’s fate is tied to it. The party is tasked to find a way to heal the Arboreal Regent.

The Timber Conflict

A logging company has been aggressively cutting down trees in the Whisperwood, causing a significant disturbance in the natural balance. The party is hired by a local nature-loving community to investigate the strange occurrences linked to an Arboreal Regent who is believed to be protecting its domain.

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Adventure Ideas

The Elder Tree’s Call

The party is drawn to the heart of the ancient Everwood by a compelling call that resonates in their minds. At the heart of the forest, they find a massive tree, the Elder Tree, and its guardian, an Arboreal Regent. The Regent seeks their help to fend off a looming threat that could destroy the Everwood.

The Forest’s Guardian

The party comes across a village on the edge of a forest, where the villagers are living in fear due to the sudden aggressive behavior of the forest’s wildlife. The party is asked to investigate and discovers that an Arboreal Regent, disturbed by the villagers’ activities, is behind the aggression.

The Enchanted Grove

The party stumbles upon a grove where the trees seem to move and the animals speak in human tongues. They soon realize that they are in the domain of an Arboreal Regent, who needs their help to fend off a group of defilers seeking to exploit the grove’s magic.

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