What is an Astradaemon in Pathfinder 2e?

What is an Astradaemon in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Astradaemon in Pathfinder 2e? These unnerving, almost reptilian daemons represent death by direct assault against a soul or life-force—the same numbing death they bring with their fell touch. Rarely seen on the Material Plane, astradaemons spend most of their time hunting the pathways between the living world and the afterlife. There, they capture migrating souls, snatching them from their rightful rewards or punishments and dragging them to Abaddon as tribute to their undying masters.

What is an Astradaemon in Pathfinder 2e?

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Astradaemon Predators

These horrifying predators of the dead can also be found stalking the banks of the River of Souls in the Astral Plane, where they constantly hunt for new victims. Psychopomps have a particular hatred of astradaemons as a result, and clashes between them and these eerie hunters of the recently departed are indeed the stuff of legend.

Not all astradaemons limit their hunt to souls. The most notorious of their kind serve the Horsemen themselves as assassins.

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The Soul Prison

The party finds a strange artifact that contains the souls of countless beings. They learn that an Astradaemon has been using the artifact to store souls for later consumption. The party must destroy the artifact and defeat the Astradaemon to free the trapped souls.

The Daemon’s Bargain

A desperate sorcerer has made a pact with an Astradaemon, offering the souls of his enemies in exchange for power. As his enemies mysteriously die off, the party is hired to investigate. They must uncover the sorcerer’s pact and confront the Astradaemon before more souls are lost.

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Adventure Ideas

The Soul Snatcher

The party hears rumors of souls being stolen from the recently deceased in a nearby town. The local cleric, Father Elric, is desperate for help as he can no longer guide the souls to their rightful rest. The party must investigate and discover the presence of an Astradaemon, a creature known for hunting souls. They must find a way to banish or destroy the daemon and restore peace to the town.

The Astral Hunter

The party encounters a distraught psychopomp, a guide of souls to the afterlife, who has been unable to perform its duties due to an Astradaemon’s interference. The Astradaemon has been preying on the souls in the Astral Plane, disrupting the natural flow of life and death. The party must journey into the Astral Plane, confront the Astradaemon, and ensure the safe passage of souls.

The Daemon’s Tribute

The party learns of a sinister tribute to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse: an Astradaemon has been stealing souls from various planes of existence, including the Material Plane, to offer as a tribute. The party must track down the Astradaemon, stop its soul-stealing spree, and prevent the tribute from reaching the Horsemen.

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