What is an Azure Worm in Pathfinder 2e?

What is an Azure Worm in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Azure Worm in Pathfinder 2e? The azure worm is a deep-blue creature that is more at home in flooded tunnels than in dry caves. While an azure worm is a strong swimmer, it prefers to lie in wait within the walls, door, or even ceiling of flooded caverns, ready to spring out and ambush creatures swimming past its hiding spot.

The azure worm is particularly hated and feared by Darklands-dwelling cultures, due to the fact that an azure worm that burrows into a tunnel often brings with it waters from the submerged river or lake it calls home. When it becomes obvious that an azure worm is near a Darklands settlement, the inhabitants quickly establish a hunting party to deal with the menace before it can bring ruin.

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What is an Azure Worm in Pathfinder 2e?

The Azure Plague

A city’s water supply has been contaminated by an Azure Worm, causing sickness among the populace. The party must track down the worm and cleanse the water supply.

The Azure Depths

A sunken ship rumored to be filled with treasure is said to be guarded by an Azure Worm. The party must brave the depths, confront the worm, and claim the treasure.

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The Azure Infestation

A network of irrigation canals has been infested by Azure Worms, causing widespread flooding. The party must clear the canals and ensure the safety of the nearby farmlands.

The Azure Prophecy

A prophecy foretells of a great flood brought about by an Azure Worm. The party must find the worm and prevent the prophecy from coming true.

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Adventure Ideas

The Flooded Tunnels

The party is tasked with exploring a series of flooded tunnels that have recently become the hunting grounds of an Azure Worm. They must navigate the treacherous waters, avoid the worm’s ambushes, and find a way to drive it off or slay it.

The Submerged Treasure

Rumors of a treasure hidden in a submerged cave reach the party. However, the cave is home to an Azure Worm. The party must retrieve the treasure without falling prey to the

The Worm’s Lair

The party is hired to exterminate an Azure Worm that has been terrorizing a local fishing village. They must venture into the worm’s underwater lair and confront the beast.

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