What is an Earthen Destrier in Pathfinder 2e text over a dark blue background with a picture of a headless rider merged in a horse with a spear all made out of rock as this is an earth elemental.

What is an Earthen Destrier (Earth Elemental) in Pathfinder 2e?

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This wave of dirt takes the crude likeness of the melded forequarters of a charging warhorse and a rocky knight wielding a rudimentary lance of gray stone. An earthen destrier can Burrow through earthen matter, including rock. When it does so, it moves at its full burrow Speed, leaving no tunnels or signs of its passing.

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What is an Earthen Destrier in Pathfinder 2e text over a dark blue background with a picture of a headless rider merged in a horse with a spear all made out of rock as this is an earth elemental.

Plane of Earth

The Plane of Earth includes verdant groves, shining metal and crystal, and irradiated wastelands.  Not all elementals are lumbering, humanoid-shaped creatures. Some take on the forms and natures of animals and beasts from the Material Plane. These creatures often behave in ways similar to their Material Plane counterparts, even though as elementals they lack the animalistic instincts mortal creatures have when it comes to hunting, reproducing, and the like. Elemental creatures are favorites of conjurers due to their small size, relative ease of summoning, and varied abilities so play this creature like a horse with a rider

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Lancing Charge

If the destrier moved at least 10 feet directly before its lance arm Strike, it gains a +2 circumstance bonus to its damage roll.

Tilting Strike Trigger

The earthen destrier tramples a creature; Effect The earthen destrier makes a lance arm Strike against the creature it’s trampling at a –5 penalty.

Need Full Stats

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Adventures for the Earth Elemental (Earthen Destrier)

The Shattered Statue

In a small village, an ancient statue of a legendary warrior atop a mighty steed has long stood as a symbol of protection. Recently, however, the statue was mysteriously shattered, and strange occurrences began plaguing the villagers. Reports of an earthen destrier roaming the area at night, its lance arm causing destruction, have the community living in fear.

The adventurers are asked to investigate the phenomenon and put an end to the earthen destrier’s rampage. As they delve into the village’s history and the statue’s origin, they discover that an ancient elemental spirit was trapped within the statue and inadvertently released when it was shattered. To restore peace, the adventurers must confront the earthen destrier, quell its fury, and find a way to reseal the elemental spirit before more damage is done to the village and its inhabitants.

The Earthen Joust

Adventure Hook:

In the small mining town of Stonehaven, the annual Harvest Festival is fast approaching. As part of the festivities, a jousting competition is held, drawing knights and challengers from all over the region. This year, however, a mysterious challenger has entered the competition, riding an Earthen Destrier—an elemental creature seemingly made of rock and earth. The town council is concerned about the potential danger this unknown challenger and their elemental steed pose to the competition and the town. They are offering a reward to anyone who can uncover the truth behind this mysterious pair and ensure the safety of the festival.


Stonehaven is known for its rich mineral deposits and skilled miners. As a result, the town has become prosperous and famous for its annual Harvest Festival. The highlight of the event is the jousting competition, attracting competitors from near and far. However, the appearance of the Earthen Destrier and its rider has stirred unease among the townsfolk, with many fearing that the competition might turn deadly.

Unbeknownst to the town, the Earthen Destrier was accidentally summoned by a local miner who discovered an ancient relic while digging. The miner, a man named Thaddeus, decided to use the creature in the jousting competition, hoping to impress his love interest and win her heart.

The Plot:

The adventurers arrive in Stonehaven as the festival preparations are underway. They hear rumors about the mysterious challenger and the strange, earthen steed. Accepting the council’s task, they begin to investigate the origin of the Earthen Destrier and its rider.

The adventurers must question locals, gather information, and follow leads to track down Thaddeus. Along the way, they discover the ancient relic that summoned the Earthen Destrier, which turns out to be a powerful artifact from a long-forgotten civilization.


As the jousting competition commences, the adventurers confront Thaddeus about his elemental steed. Thaddeus confesses his intentions to impress his love interest and apologizes for causing any trouble. As the conversation unfolds, it becomes apparent that the ancient relic is beginning to lose control over the Earthen Destrier, causing it to become increasingly aggressive and unstable.

The adventurers must act quickly to prevent the Earthen Destrier from going on a rampage during the jousting competition. They must find a way to either subdue the creature or return it to the elemental plane from whence it came. This could involve using magic, deciphering the relic’s secrets, or finding an alternative method to control the elemental.


Once the Earthen Destrier is dealt with, the Harvest Festival can proceed safely. The town council rewards the adventurers for their efforts in ensuring the town’s safety. Thaddeus, humbled by the experience, vows to win his love interest’s heart through honest means.

The ancient relic remains in the adventurers’ possession, hinting at a much greater and more dangerous power. This could lead to a new adventure, as the party seeks to uncover the lost civilization that created the relic and prevent its power from falling into the wrong hands.

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