What is an Efreeti pathfinder 2e?

What is an Efreeti in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Efreeti in Pathfinder 2e? The efreet are hateful and merciless genies from the Plane of Fire, where they build metropolises and massive trade centers that draw extraplanar travelers from across the multiverse. They are cruel slavers, vengeful warmongers, and sinister wish masters; there are many tales of mortals who made pacts with efreet only to have their words twisted to suit a genie’s capricious and malevolent whims.

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What is an Efreeti pathfinder 2e?

Efreet Feud With Djinn

Efreet do not readily treat with other genies; they share an eternal feud with the djinn, disdain marids, regard jann as weaklings unworthy of the genie title, and only occasionally tolerate alliances with shaitans. At 12 feet tall and weighing 2,000 pounds, efreet are formidable opponents and cow their chosen victims with a glance.

The Efreeti’s Prison

The adventurers stumble upon a magical lamp containing an Efreeti named Rashid. Rashid was imprisoned by a powerful wizard centuries ago and seeks freedom. However, the lamp’s magic is tied to a series of elemental nodes scattered across the land. The adventurers must deactivate these nodes, which are guarded by elemental creatures, to free Rashid. But they must be cautious, for Efreeti are known for their cunning and deceit.

The Efreeti’s Challenge

In a grand city, an annual festival is held where challengers from across the realms participate in a tournament. This year, the final challenge is presented by a boastful Efreeti named Kadar. Kadar claims that anyone who can defeat him in a game of wits and combat will be granted a powerful magical item. The adventurers decide to participate, but they soon realize that Kadar’s challenges are deadly, and the Efreeti does not play fair.

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The Efreeti’s Betrayal

The adventurers are hired by a Djinni named Laila who seeks their help. Laila’s lover, an Efreeti named Asim, has betrayed her and stolen a powerful artifact that maintains the balance between the elemental planes. Asim plans to use the artifact to wage war against the other elemental planes. The adventurers must traverse the treacherous Plane of Fire, confront Asim, and retrieve the artifact to prevent a catastrophic elemental war.

The Efreeti’s Prophecy

An ancient prophecy tells of an Efreeti named Zafar who will rise to immense power and plunge the world into an age of fire and despair. The signs of the prophecy have begun to manifest, and the adventurers are chosen by a secret order to prevent it from coming true. Their quest leads them to mystical lands, ancient ruins, and confrontations with powerful elemental beings.

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Adventure Ideas

The Efreeti’s Bargain

 The city of Zephyr has been experiencing an unusual heatwave. The city’s water supply is dwindling, crops are withering, and people are falling ill from the heat. The city’s leaders have discovered the cause: an Efreeti named Azar who has taken up residence in a nearby volcano. Azar has offered to stop the heatwave, but only if the city provides him with a steady supply of slaves. The city’s leaders are desperate, but they refuse to give in to Azar’s demands. Instead, they hire the adventurers to deal with Azar, either by negotiating a new deal or by force.

The Efreeti’s Curse

 A powerful Efreeti named Jafar has cursed the kingdom of Agrabah, causing the once lush and fertile land to become a barren desert. The king’s advisors have discovered that the curse can be broken by retrieving a magical lamp from a dangerous dungeon. The king hires the adventurers to retrieve the lamp, promising them a handsome reward. However, the dungeon is filled with deadly traps and monstrous guardians, and Jafar will not let his curse be broken so easily.

The Efreeti’s Riddle

 The adventurers come across a mysterious Efreeti named Iblis trapped in a magical lamp. Iblis offers to grant the adventurers a wish if they can solve his riddle. However, the riddle is incredibly complex, and the adventurers must travel across the land, delve into ancient ruins, and consult with wise sages to solve it. But they must be careful, for Iblis is known for his trickery, and a wrong answer could have dire consequences.

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