What is an Elananx pathfinder 2e?

What is an Elananx in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Elananx in Pathfinder 2e? These strange, fey felines resemble large, broad bobcats from a distance, but a closer view reveals something amiss. Their forms ripple and billow with heat, and their eyes glow from within as if they contain tiny, flickering flames. The pungent scent of rotting leaves smoldering in a bonfire clings to their fur. Yet those who have the chance to watch elananxes hunt or attack prey witness the greatest indication that these creatures are something more than mere predators, for they act with cruel and savvy instincts, reveling in the pain they inflict.

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What is an Elananx pathfinder 2e?


Elananxes typically hunt alone, but sometimes these cunning and malicious hunters of the First World roam in packs called “billows” to take down large prey. Like many house cats, elananxes are not content to merely track and devour prey but prefer to toy with their victims, drawing joy and excitement from the fear and pain of those they capture. To this end, elananxes rarely use their cinder dispersal ability to evade their targets, instead opting to foil their quarry just before the end of the hunt—though, as selfish creatures who wish to live to hunt again, elananxes often reserve one use of this ability, just in case.


Because of their clever and malicious ways, elananxes are favored as hunting companions by redcaps, who go out of their way to befriend or make deals with these creatures. Redcaps also find great sport in hunts where competing elananxes chase a single creature. Although they’re large enough to serve as mounts for redcaps, elananxes despise being ridden and resist such attempts—little is as sure to cause a supposedly friendly elananx to turn on its redcap ally than a foolhardy attempt to treat the fey cat as a horse!

Forest Fires

Elananxes have a strange affinity for forest fires. Because they are immune to the damage caused by flickering flames, they enjoy capering and caterwauling through the smoky, burning ruins of forest infernos. Some have even been known to use their burning bites to deliberately light undergrowth on fire, simply so they might experience the beauty of the flames combined with the inevitable pain such disasters inflict on other creatures.

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The Elananx’s Rivalry

The adventurers are hired to mediate a territorial dispute between an Elananx and a Green Dragon. Both creatures claim ownership over a lush forest and their feud is causing chaos in the surrounding region. The adventurers must find a way to settle the dispute and restore peace to the area.

The Elananx’s Obsession

The adventurers are hired by a local alchemist who claims an Elananx has developed an obsession with his experiments. The creature has been stealing his ingredients and disrupting his work. The adventurers must track down the Elananx, retrieve the stolen ingredients, and find a way to deter it from bothering the alchemist in the future.

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Adventure Ideas

The Elananx’s Pact

A desperate village made a pact with an Elananx to protect them from a marauding beast. In exchange, the Elananx demanded a tribute every year. However, the village can no longer afford the tribute and the pact threatens to break, which would free the Elananx from its obligation and incur its wrath. The adventurers are asked to help, either by finding a way to break the pact without repercussions or by finding another way to deal with the beast.

The Elananx’s Game

The adventurers find themselves in a deadly game orchestrated by an Elananx. They wake up in a forest, each marked with a magical symbol. A message appears in their minds: they are the Elananx’s prey, and the game ends at sundown. The adventurers must survive the hunt and find a way to turn the tables on the Elananx.

The Elananx’s Hunt

The adventurers are hired by a wealthy noble who has been marked as prey by an Elananx. The noble, who is due to travel through a forest, fears for his life. The adventurers are tasked with escorting the noble through the forest and protecting him from the Elananx.

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