What is an elemental tsunami in pathfinder 2e text on a blue background with an image of a large wave hitting a medieval three story building

What is an Elemental Tsunami (Water Elemental) in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Elemental Tsunami (Water Elemental) in Pathfinder 2e? An Elemental Tsunami is a gargantuan force of nature, born from the primal powers of the elemental planes. These colossal beings take on the form of a monstrous, towering wave, reaching heights between 15 and 19 feet tall. They are incredibly destructive, possessing the strength and fury of a tsunami, amplified by their elemental nature.

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What is an elemental tsunami in pathfinder 2e text on a blue background with an image of a large wave hitting a medieval three story building

Water Elemental

The body of an Elemental Tsunami is composed of constantly swirling and churning water, filled with the power of the elemental planes. Their form is ever-changing, with water spouts and whirlpools forming spontaneously throughout their mass. They are often accompanied by a cacophony of roaring water and crashing waves, announcing their presence to all who would dare to approach.

Lack Discernable Shape

As beings of pure elemental energy, Elemental Tsunamis lack distinct facial features or limbs. However, they possess an uncanny ability to manipulate their watery form, extending tendrils of water or creating powerful currents to lash out at their enemies. They can also engulf and drown their foes within their watery mass, making them a fearsome opponent in any combat scenario.

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Drawn to unrest

Elemental Tsunamis are often drawn to areas of great elemental unrest, such as coastlines battered by storms, or locations where the barriers between the elemental planes are weakened. They may be summoned by powerful spellcasters or even arise spontaneously from the elemental chaos, driven by an insatiable hunger to spread destruction and chaos wherever they go.

Vortex and Surge

A vortex is a 50-foot circle. Water in the area that is in the same body of water as the elemental tsunami is difficult terrain for Swimming creatures that don’t have the water trait.

Surge – The elemental tsunami quickly expands its space to fill the area of its vortex. Creatures within the vortex’s emanation take 5d12+6 bludgeoning damage (DC 31 basic Fortitude save). A creature that fails this save is Pushed 20 feet. The elemental tsunami then retracts to its former space. The elemental tsunami can’t Surge again for 1d4 rounds.

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Adventure Ideas

The Tides of War

The kingdom’s enemies have somehow managed to summon an elemental tsunami to aid them in their invasion of the coastal regions. The powerful elemental is causing chaos and destruction, rendering the kingdom’s naval forces helpless against the onslaught. The heroes are tasked with infiltrating enemy territory, discovering the source of the elemental tsunami, and putting an end to its rampage.

The Sea’s Fury Unleashed

An ancient and powerful artifact known as the Trident of the Tides has been stolen from a sacred temple, causing elemental disturbances throughout the land. The heroes learn that the trident’s power has inadvertently summoned an elemental tsunami, which now threatens to drown entire coastal cities. They must track down the thief, recover the trident, and quell the elemental tsunami before it’s too late.

The Elemental Confluence

A once-in-a-lifetime celestial event known as the Elemental Confluence is about to occur, during which the barriers between the elemental planes become incredibly thin. As a result, elemental creatures are pouring into the world, including a fearsome elemental tsunami that threatens to wash away all in its path. The heroes must work with powerful spellcasters to seal the planar rifts and subdue the elemental tsunami before the world is irrevocably changed by the Elemental Confluence.

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