What is an Ettin Pathfinder 2e?

What is an Ettin in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Ettin in Pathfinder 2e? Two heads aren’t always better than one. The slovenly, violent giants known as ettins are proof enough of that.

The origin of these two-headed brutes is unknown, but few who encounter ettins ponder their beginnings for long. Rather, the first priority for most creatures during such a confrontation is escape, which is not easy to accomplish given the ettins’ notorious vigilance. In this way, two heads are better than one—ettins regularly find employment in the ranks of giant or orc armies as sentries and guards.

The benefits of an ettin security detail are obvious: because it has a shared stomach, an ettin requires only the same amount of food as one typical ogre, yet its two sets of eyes make it twice as observant. An ettin never complains about the lack of company, either. The ettin’s two heads are uniquely content to squabble and converse between themselves, and though they bicker incessantly, most couldn’t dream of life without the other. Much like some twins, an ettin has two individual minds who nonetheless consider the other as much a part of their life as their own self.

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What is an Ettin Pathfinder 2e?


Ettins do not resemble a single giant heritage so much as an amalgamation of several. Their tusks are thought to stem from orc ancestry, though their size and dimness suggest hill giant blood. Though they tower over goblins and hobgoblins, ettins are more than at home among tribes of these creatures and enjoy their comfortable stations as camp lookouts or troop rearguards. Their exposure to a wide variety of goblinoids and giants is evident in their language; ettins speak a pidgin tongue of Goblin, Jotun, and Orcish, and their diction is mostly good enough to get across the general meaning of their short sentences and bumbled sayings—although most interlocutors simply nod their heads while conversing with an ettin anyway. The monsters are notoriously short-tempered and, despite their heightened visual perception, short-sighted in matters of keeping their allies alive.

The Ettin’s Deception

The adventurers are hired by a local lord who suspects that his advisor is actually an Ettin in disguise. The lord believes that the Ettin, known as Krag and Brug, is plotting to overthrow him. The adventurers must investigate the advisor, uncover his true identity, and thwart any potential coup.

The Ettin’s Betrayal

The adventurers are betrayed by a seemingly friendly Ettin named Thok and Klug, who leads them into a trap. The Ettin steals their belongings and leaves them stranded in a dangerous wilderness. The adventurers must survive the wilderness, track down the Ettin, and retrieve their stolen belongings.

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The Ettin’s Curse

The adventurers are cursed by a vengeful Ettin named Gruul and Thark. The curse causes the adventurers to experience terrible nightmares and gradually saps their strength. The adventurers must find the Ettin, break the curse, and prevent any further harm.

The Ettin’s Challenge

The adventurers come across an Ettin named Krag and Brug who challenges them to a test of strength and wits. If they win, the Ettin promises to reveal the location of a hidden treasure. If they lose, they must promise to leave his territory and never return. The adventurers must accept the Ettin’s challenge and outwit him to claim the treasure.

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Adventure Ideas

The Ettin’s Lost Love

The adventurers come across a melancholic Ettin named Groth and Mok, who is mourning the loss of his beloved, a giantess who was killed by dragon hunters. Groth and Mok, in his grief, has been causing havoc in the nearby settlements. The adventurers are tasked with calming the Ettin, either by helping him seek revenge on the dragon hunters or by finding a way to console his broken hearts.

The Ettin’s Ransom

A notorious Ettin named Krag and Brug has kidnapped the prince of a local kingdom and is demanding a hefty ransom. The king, desperate to get his son back, hires the adventurers to deliver the ransom. However, the adventurers must be careful, as Ettins are known for their cunning and might try to double-cross them.

The Ettin’s Fury

The adventurers come across a small village that has been repeatedly attacked by a furious Ettin named Gruul and Thark. The Ettin is seeking revenge for the theft of a precious gemstone from its lair. The adventurers are tasked with finding the thief, retrieving the gemstone, and appeasing the Ettin before the village is completely destroyed.

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