What is a Ice Golem in Pathfinder 2e? Picture of a Ice Golem on a mountain landscape.

What is an Ice Golem in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is an Ice Golem in Pathfinder 2e? Ice Golems are either carved from massive blocks of ice, or pieced together from individual components that are then fused together through heat and refreezing. In most cases, the resulting shape is little more than a crude approximation of a humanoid form, but given the right talent, an ice golem could be an exquisitely carved statue of a mythical creature, famous persona, or even a deity.

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What is a Ice Golem in Pathfinder 2e? Picture of a Ice Golem on a mountain landscape.

Ice Golem Uses

While ice golems most frequently serve as guardians in freezing climates, the magic that holds an ice golem together keeps it from melting in warmer temperatures. This, combined with the fact that ice golems lie on the lower end of the scale as far as cost and difficulty to create, gives these constructs unusual features that put them in great demand.

The rich and powerful in hot, arid regions often commission ice golems not only as guardians for their estates and vaults but for comfort—the presence of an ice golem standing quietly sentinel in the corner of a room can help to keep the chamber at a comfortable temperature. The truly decadent use ice golems as servants to keep drinks cold.

A renowned ice sculptor has gone missing, and the townspeople are becoming concerned. His latest masterpiece was a collection of life-sized ice golems carved to resemble mythical creatures, and they were to be displayed at a prestigious art exhibition. The adventurers are tasked with finding the missing artist and investigating the mysterious disappearance of the ice golems. As they delve deeper into the case, they discover that the ice golems have somehow come to life and are wreaking havoc in the town.

The Frozen Heart

A noble from a desert kingdom has commissioned an ice golem in the shape of his beloved wife who passed away. Rumors begin to circulate that the ice golem has taken on the wife’s spirit, with her memories and emotions intact. The adventurers are hired to uncover the truth behind this strange phenomenon and, if necessary, put an end to the ice golem’s existence.

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The Glacial Guardian

A lost city hidden within a massive glacier is said to be guarded by a powerful ice golem. Ancient texts describe a magical artifact hidden within the city that can control the weather. With a drought plaguing the surrounding region, the adventurers are hired to find the city, bypass the ice golem guardian, and retrieve the artifact to save the region from famine.

The Icebound Menace

A series of unexplained deaths and disappearances have occurred in a remote mountain village. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a strange, icy figure lurking in the shadows. The adventurers must investigate the events and determine if an ice golem is responsible. As they uncover the truth, they learn that the ice golem is being controlled by a hidden enemy seeking revenge on the village.

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Adventure Ideas

The Frost-forged Army

A powerful and ambitious mage has discovered a way to mass-produce ice golems and is now building an army of these constructs to conquer nearby lands. The adventurers are hired by a neighboring kingdom to infiltrate the mage’s stronghold, learn the secrets of his ice golem creation process, and put an end to his plans for conquest. Along the way, they must face off against the frost-forged army and put their skills to the test.

The Chill of Corruption

A powerful artifact hidden within a sacred temple has been corrupted by dark magic, causing the temple’s ice golem guardians to turn hostile. The high priest of the temple beseeches the adventurers to purify the artifact and restore the ice golems to their original purpose. As they navigate the icy halls and face the wrathful golems, the adventurers uncover a sinister plot to use the artifact’s power for evil purposes.

The Icy Tomb

An explorer’s journal details the existence of an ancient tomb hidden within a glacier, rumored to contain the treasures of a long-forgotten civilization. The tomb is said to be guarded by a colossal ice golem, sculpted in the likeness of the civilization’s fallen king. The adventurers are tasked with braving the treacherous terrain, defeating the ice golem, and retrieving the lost treasures before they become lost to time.

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