What is an Orc Warrior in pathfinder 2e on a blue background with a picture of a very large orc warrior looking at the camera holding a bloody axe

What is an Orc Warrior in Pathfinder 2e?

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 What is an Orc Warrior in Pathfinder 2e?

The Orc Warrior. The typical orc warrior is a violent combatant familiar to many adventurers. Orc warriors fight for their clan, for riches, and—perhaps most of all—for personal glory.

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What is an Orc Warrior in pathfinder 2e on a blue background with a picture of a very large orc warrior looking at the camera holding a bloody axe

What are orcs?

Orcs are a people of violent passions in all that they do, not just war. Bonds of blood are especially strong among orcs, and lineage is important. The strongest orc bands are typically made up of brothers and sisters in more than arms; orcs fight harder when they are protecting their own kinsfolk, and orc warriors will fight tirelessly to avenge fallen family members.

What attacks and weapons do Orc Warriors use?

An Orc Warrior has an orc necksplitter +7 with forceful, and sweep, dealing 1d8+4 slashing damage. Forceful allows the orc to gain damage equal to the number of weapon dice on a second attack and even more on subsequent attacks in the same round. It is dangerous to fight an Orc Warrior alone unless you are confident in your own marital prowess.

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Not only are they forceful in their attacks they are hard to kill.

The Orc Warrior has Orc Ferocity, which can be used once per day. If they would be reduced to 0 hit points they instead have one hit point and are wounded. Fierceness in battle runs through the orc’s blood, and it refuses to fall from its injuries letting the orc flee or try to kill its opponent in a moment of glory. Many have thought they have killed one only to see the ferocity of Orc Warrior.

Orcs are violent, monstrous humanoids that live by the rule that might makes right. They amass in brutal warbands both large and small, decimating and robbing those unlucky enough to cross their path.

Countless small settlements, outposts, and forts have fallen at the hands of orc raiders, whose fecundity and sheer destructiveness leave an indelible mark on the lands they conquer.
Survivors of orc invasions are as likely to be fed to the orcs’ war beasts as they are to be taken as slaves. Unspeakable atrocities await any outsiders brought back to orc encampments, and to many, death is a far more preferable outcome compared to capture by orcs.

Orc Warrior with a long sword in armor and furs walking toward the camera on a white background

More stats needed?

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What adventures could you have incorporating Orc Warriors in your game?

Small village is being terrorized

A small village is being terrorized by an orc warrior and his band of followers. The players are hired to track down and defeat the orc warrior and his band of followers who are occupying a maze-like cave complex near the village.

Warlord gathering power

A powerful orc warlord has risen to power and is planning to conquer the surrounding lands, and the players must stop the warlord and put an end to his reign of terror before he becomes too much power. He has already conquered several small villages and taken captives. Can the players rescue the survivors before it is too late for them and the surrounding communities?

The old ruin

An orc warrior has taken up residence in an old ruin, and rumors say that he is guarding a valuable treasure. The players must explore the ruin, retrieve the treasure, and defeat the orc warrior.

The entrance to this map is in the upper right-hand corner near room 6. The treasure is stored in a small natural cave that can be found by using the stairs leading down near room 10.

Depending on the level of players you have you can choose to have a single orc warrior that has found a low-level item of importance or the orc warrior could be a part of a larger band of orcs that have taken over this fort.

Regardless there are numerous places that can be used for ambushes or places for a larger force to bunk down. I would place the final encounter in room 16.

The Orc Warrior's Old Ruin Map by Donjon.bin.sh

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