What is a dream spider in pathfinder 2e text on a dark blue background with an image of a yellow spider with purple chaotic lines on it back

What is the Dream Spider in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is the Dream Spider in Pathfinder 2e? A dream spider’s webs have an iridescent hue and are infused with the same hallucinogenic compound as the creature’s toxin. Originally denizens of tropical jungles, dream spiders have adapted well to temperate environments, particularly thriving among the rooftops of cities where shady alchemists use their venom to produce the drug known as shiver.

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What is a dream spider in pathfinder 2e text on a dark blue background with an image of a yellow spider with purple chaotic lines on it back

Dream spider alliances

Though they are vermin incapable of forming true alliances, spiders show up alongside many types of creatures, including web lurkers. Spellcasters sometimes call upon spiders using summon animal, and spider swarms have a way of popping up just about anywhere at the most inopportune times.

Dream Spider attacks

A Dream Spider has a Melee fang attack of +7 +2, minus 3, finesse that does 1d6 piercing damage plus dream spider venom. It is also a ranged web attack of +7 +2, minus 3 of 10 feet with the web trap effect plus dream spider venom.

What is the shiver drug

The venom from a Dream Spider is used to make a drug called Shiver. Shiver is a compound produced from the hallucinogenic venom of certain spiders, shiver is common in black markets. The addiction to shiver has the virulent trait.

Spider venom exposure requires a Saving Throw DC 19 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 4 hours; Stage 1 whenever you become frightened, reduce that condition’s value by 1 (10 minutes); Stage 2 clumsy 2 for 1 hour; Stage 3 asleep (1 hour)

A large yellow spider with purple lines drawn on it back chaotically - it is a dream spider in pathfinder 2e
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Shiver addicts beware

Talented alchemists process dream spider venom into an addictive drug called shiver. Those who become addicted to shiver may be driven in desperation to seek out dream spiders and allow them to bite their flesh in order to get their fix—a tactic that often backfires awfully as the spiders feed.

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Dream spider adventures

Suspicious druids

The players are sent to investigate a group of druids that have been acting suspiciously. They soon discover that the druids have made a pact with a colony of dream spiders in order to protect the forest from intruders and get a steady supply of shiver. The players must navigate the forest and fight off the spiders and the druids in order to put an end to the pact.

The escort

The players are hired to escort a group of important diplomats to a peace summit. Along the way, they discover that the road is infested with dream spiders, which are making the diplomats drowsy and lethargic. The players must navigate the dangerous road while fighting off the spiders and ensuring that the diplomats reach the summit safely.

The displaced miners

The players are hired to clear a dangerous cave system that has been taken over by dream spiders. The cave system is rich in valuable minerals, but the spiders have made it too dangerous for miners to enter. The players must fight their way through the spiders and clear the way for the miners to safely extract the minerals.

Most of the caverns lead nowhere because they are looking for veins to find ore. In the larger caverns, you will find mining equipment and spiders. You can mix these up with dream spiders and other giant spiders.

There may even be some miners that have been saved for dinner later and are in a state of paralysis.

Dream Spider Caverns - map was created by Dwight Scull using https://probabletrain.itch.io/dungeon-scrawl

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