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World Building made easy in your RPG

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​Hey Storytellers,Today we are going to talk about how to plan a world in chunks so you don’t go crazy trying to get ready for your campaign.Learn more at https://skullrpg.comGet the free Tell Your Story course here: Think of your RPG like a procedurally generated video game. If you have played Minecraft they don’t generate everything in the world.Take this concept into your game planning. If you are starting at level one they can’t explore more than 50 miles outside of their home town. So you may need to know what is in the haunted forest, the cave system, and the farms nearby.This is a different way of thinking than plotting out the 7 kingdoms, with their liege lords and their banners and lesser banners. I am not building out parts of the world they may never see. I should have the world planned to the extent that I know there are 7 kingdoms and I know the ruler of the kingdom we are starting in, but overall I will spend my time on the area the players are in or could be in shortly.Also if you are interested in our fantasy locations / npc names / tavern and place name generator / 100+ premade maps.



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