November 27

World Building Tips for your RPG Campaigns

Hey Storytellers,

Because of Tolkien's influence on RPG's (and countless other video games and books) many game masters feel like they have to write a tome or multi-volume set in order to tell their game.

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Instead of writing a 17 page back story tell your players enough information about the world so they know if there are any prohibited classes or a common enemy. So if they will be fighting a standard type of enemy (undead, goblinoid, demons, etc.) then your players need to know.

If you want to tell a cool story you don't need to write the Similarian to support book one of the Lord of the Rings, or have the Wookiepedia fleshed out to tell the story of Luke Skywalker.

I would say scale that back, unless you really want your players to know that. Then I would have them play out a game session (or many) so that they could uncover that backstory in a way that impacted their day-to-day world and not a blurb in your novella you handed them 8 months ago.

Give the episode a listen for more ideas on this to save you time and energy.



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